Airport Touch Screens and Checkin System

Airport Touch Screens and Checkin System kioskThe digital age has been responsible for a revolution in the travel industry. From convenient online booking systems, to advanced technology in places like airports, bus stations and train depots, today’s travelers have travel data and purchasing power right at their fingertips.

Now, instead of coping with long lines and limited staffing at check-in and ticketing counters, touch-savvy passengers and commuters can bypass these arduous environments altogether. Both operators and passengers can benefit from the use of touch screens. In vehicle touch screens and touch enabled ticketing kiosks are all part of the system used to get people where they want to go.

  • In Car Touch Screens use touch screens to create a user interface that lets operators intuitively control a vehicle without looking away from the road or the track, thereby guaranteeing a safer travel experience. It can also simplify the entire process, combining multiple functions into a single button press, paving the way for the self-driving car.
  • Ticketing Kiosks let people perform a number of tasks like checking-in, verifying travel information or printing out tickets. The variety of tasks available on the limited size is achievable only with the use of touch screens. These same kiosks can let passengers scan fingerprints, take photographs, record data from passports and expedite the processing of custom declaration forms.

Touch screens that use ShadowSense technology offer some of the best solutions available for applications in transportation. Some of the key advantages are:

  • Fast response times as low as 6 ms for reliable, repeatable command of cars or trains
  • Built-in redundancy for critical control and navigation requirements
  • Eliminates accidental touches based on size, shape and pressure to ignore objects like chewing gum or other debris
  • Uses USB HID interface for compatibility with popular operating systems
  • Frame design allows for easy integration with existing displays

We invite you to contact us to learn more about what makes ShadowSense ideal for transportation applications and digital signage solution.

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