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Our products can help health care providers give patients going through rehabilitation the best chance at a full recovery. Patients undergoing rehabilitation programs face many challenges: there are a number of physical and mental constraints to overcome, and the work involved is often a long, difficult process. One of the top reasons for failure is that the work becomes dull, causing patients to quit rehabilitation efforts far too soon and keeping them from a full recovery.

To overcome these challenges, patients need a rehabilitation program that is active and engaging. TheAssistive Touch Technology Products world of digital technology presents a wide range of opportunities for meeting those criteria. In particular, touch screens offer a unique platform upon which to build a rehabilitation program. Using assistive touch technologies users can actively participate in their own recovery program instead of simply being passive players.

The medical industry has already seen the benefits of using touch screen technology to create games that help patients recover both their cognitive and physical functionality.

  • Patients using touch panels with games incorporated into them are more motivated to engage in their rehabilitation programs, preventing them from dropping out too soon.
  • Touch screens are much more common in day-to-day life; this means that using them in rehabilitation equips patients with the skills to resume daily living activities soon after.
  • People of all ages understand how to use a touch screen due to its intuitive design and functionality. This type of technology transcends age, education, and socioeconomic status, making it ideal for rehabilitation facilities that serve a diverse patient population.
  • Even individuals with mobility constraints can use touch screens, thus expanding the range of activities and rehabilitative programs available to those with significant limitations.

ShadowSense™ technology has unique features that make it ideal for a rehabilitative setting. Baanto offers the ability to turn regular screens into assistive technology products, building on existing platforms in order to save on costs and avoid a learning curve with the implementation of a new system. Our touch screen solutions are also durable, and can withstand rugged treatment, functioning even when subjected to liquids or grime, which can often occur in rehabilitative facilities, where patients are still developing control and may end up dropping or spilling on the implements they are using.

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