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How does an auto dealership attract and engage the kind of customers who will pay top dollar for vehicles and add-on service packages? The answer lies beyond good salesmanship, and requires leveraging technology.

You have to create a pleasing, fun and engaging environment that will retain customer interest, and expose them to the range of possibilities in terms of models and accessories. The customer should leave with a memorable emotional experience as a result of their interaction in the dealership.
An effective method to achieve the latter is to leverage digital signage.

Using interactive digital signage in car dealerships:

  • Attracts the attention of customers with eye catching, dynamic visuals that are more appealing than static posters.
  • Engages potential buyers, who can interactively explore the car using multi touch gestures to do things like change the color of the vehicle.
  • Cuts cost and increases profit as car dealers no longer have to keep an expensive inventory of printed marketing material.

Interactive, digital signage can be a conversation starter with your customers and prospects, and the targeted marketing messages can help you clinch the deal while giving you both up selling and cross selling opportunities.

For both independent dealers as well as dealer franchises, interactive digital signage is a very powerful communication medium.

ShadowSense proprietary touch screen technology, which is both affordable and low maintenance, is perfect for use as interactive signage in your car dealership.

  • Dealerships can use screens in video walls or touch tables as per their requirements as ShadowSense is available in sizes from 8” to 267”.
  • ShadowSense is a perimeter based technology so images of the cars will be crisp and sharp, giving customers an accurate representation of colors and other features.
  • Driverless operation means that dealers can easily install the screen and connect it to a device running any major operating system for playing the content.
  • Customers can use multi touch gestures like flick, swipe, pinch, and tap to preview and preview the car, or customize their car before ordering.
  • Customers can easily record feedback even if they are wearing gloves, or fill out forms and documentation after completing the purchase.

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Baanto offers unparalleled touch technology through ShadowSense. Our technology outperforms other touch technologies while yielding cost savings.

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