ONRoute Cineplex Interactive Kiosks, Canada

ONRoute service stations across Ontario, Canada, received a major upgrade to include three-sided touch interactive kiosks for visitors. Withstanding direct sunlight and grime, ShadowSense touchscreens ensured the best user experience in a retail environment.

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Innovative Concepts in Entertainment, USA

An ingenious use of ShadowSense touchscreens helped Innovative Concepts in Entertainment (ICE) create a hugely popular arcade game to pay tribute to the mobile hit Angry Birds. The addictive game has players slinging rubber balls representing the birds, at a touchscreen to knock down the evil pigs. This was made possible by ShadowSense, which was the only touch technology with the capability to detect the quick and spontaneous impact of the balls as they were flung at the screen.

The Angry Birds Arcade game has been installed in every Dave and Buster’s location throughout North America. The unique gameplay combined with the responsiveness of the ShadowSense touch frame has helped propel it to the top of the charts, making it one of the restaurant chain’s most popular attractions.

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HBO Home Entertainment, CANADA

To build excitement around the DVD/Blu-ray release of the fourth season of Game of Thrones, HBO Home Entertainment put together two events featuring ShadowSense powered touchscreens that allowed fans to interact with the word of Westeros and view behind the scenes footage from the DVD/Blu-ray.

The events took place at the world famous Hôtel de Glace (Ice Hotel) in Quebec City and at the Chill Ice House in Toronto. Both venues were selected for their unique construction, made entirely of ice. With ambient temperatures well below -10 degrees Celsius, fans were encouraged to keep their gloves and mittens on while interacting with the screens. ShadowSense’s ability to detect the shape and size of the touch object ensured that the screens were responsive to user touches despite the harsh environment.

Cineplex Star Screen, CANADA

ShadowSense powered touch-screens will be installed in Cineplex theatres across Canada by 2015. The Star Screen not only provides a “best in class” touch experience to the movie goers, but is also creating an egaging and fun atmosphere within the theatres.

Cleveland Museum of Art, USA

Blending art and technology as part of an elegant $100 million renovation, Gallery One’s Collection Wall is a 40-foot wide multi-touch screen comprising two, 15-units wide by 5-units tall, Christie MicroTiles video walls using Christie Interactivity Kit powered by Baanto ShadowSense technology.

CTV – eTalk, National TV Show, CANADA

eTalk unveiled its “eTalk Star Screen powered by Baanto,” during the Toronto International Film Festival. The 110-inch interactive video wall changed the way Canada’s highest-rated entertainment news show presented its nightly festival coverage. The massive interactive wall puts the control room in front of the camera, allowing the shows anchors and the rest of the eTalk team to manipulate the show’s action simply with a touch of a finger.

Kia Installation, USA

This ShadowSense powered touch-screen was used on the KIA display at Madison Square Garden, NYC. for the launch of the KIA Cadenza. The product was chosen because of its ability to perform flawlessly in the dynamically changing lighting conditions found in the huge atrium.

La Rabida Children’s Hospital, USA

ShadowSense™ technology was chosen for this project because of its proven ability to provided a dependable and positive multi-user gaming experience. It provides a fast, responsive experience that can hold up to the most demanding of all users – kids. The result being an engrossing and breathtaking gaming experience that keeps the kids engaged for hours.

Midland Center for the Arts, USA

ShadowSense technology is the perfect partner for this application. Unlike many other touch technologies, ShadowSense can be activated by objects other than simply your finger. Uniquely able to recognize the size and thickness of an object such as a regular paint brush, ShadowSense is able to provide a real painting experience on-screen. This Midland Center for the Arts exhibit offers an engaging multi-user digital paint-wall experience.

O2 Stores – UK

One of two projects, the first provided 340 ShadowSense enabled Sony professional monitors, which were installed into 340 “Phones 4U” retail stores as digital merchandising displays for all of Sony Mobile’s newest products.

The second project provided 155 ShadowSense enabled Sony Bravia pro-consumer monitors. These displays have been installed in 155, O2 stores around the UK and also provide a digital merchandising display solution for all of Sony Mobile’s most recent products.

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