Conference Room Touch Screen Technology

Conference Room Touch Screen TechnologyThe corporate world is a dynamic environment that routinely rewards enthusiasm, public speaking, presence and entrepreneurial spirit. Giving an impressive business presentation can sometimes be the difference between the life and death of a company or idea. Advances in technology help presentations go beyond the traditional slideshow format, driving home messages in an exciting, stunning fashion.

As modern conference room technology changes to allow for more immersive presentations and deeper integration of digital capabilities, the addition of touch screens to these conference rooms clear up clutter and excess devices in an arena where you want everything to be smooth, streamlined and to the point. Adding the right touch screen technology to your conference room devices allows for presentations to jump off the page, becoming more interesting and engaging.

Baanto’s ShadowSense solutions for touch screens offer many benefits for conference room touch devices.

  • With 8 filed patents and 12 more pending, Baanto remains at the head of development and advancement in touch technology solutions.
  • Our solutions can detect dirt, oil and debris while simultaneously differentiating them from user input. This is ideal for conferences where users might also have things like coffee, water, or lunch served, and allows the presentation to continue, even if the screen gets smudged.
  • Baanto has made powerful advances in minimizing lag and errors. This is crucial for touch devices in conference settings that must run smoothly and accurately.
  • Multi-touch detection allows many inputs at a time without causing errors. This increases presentation possibilities immensely and even enables two or more presenters to operate the same device without sacrificing performance.
  • ShadowSense features industry-leading response times and input detection accuracy. With pinpoint precision and the ability to even detect the size of objects making inputs, your conference room displays will become more dynamic and engaging.
  • The ability to differentiate between a finger, a stylus or an eraser allows presenters to use Windows applications like PowerPoint or OneNote natively without any additional software.

Baanto’s ShadowSense offers the best in cutting-edge performance and dynamic capabilities while solving many of the errors currently plaguing the touch screen computers industry. With the future of businesses and ideas leaning on presentation technology, you owe it to your company to contact us and make sure that you have put your trust in the right hands.

Download our corporate boardroom brochure to learn more about the key advantages of using ShadowSense in the boardroom.

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