Corporate Digital Signage

Corporate Digital Signage

Display screens and monitors are versatile devices; they can stream relevant information, help us interact with different electronics, and can even make for bold design choices in lobbies and conference conference rooms.Corporate Digital Signage
Corporate-Digital-Signage Corporate Digital SignageWhatever the use, these items can transition from valuable sources of data to attractive pieces of art with a few quick taps. Many industries have already discovered the aesthetics and utility of these displays, and automotive digital signage is increasingly popular in car dealerships around the world.

From boardrooms to lobbies, and from shop floors to break rooms, digital signage can help companies deliver consistent messages, heighten brand awareness, and provide clear communication throughout an organization. Corporate digital signage is also convenient and cost-effective, as employees can quickly input information for display versus having to order, print, and switch new signs out frequently in order to convey important company messages.

Digital signage can be used to:

  • Highlight and interact with reports and presentations in meetings.
  • Show relevant messaging in public areas like lobbies or shop floors.
  • Create a strong and consistent brand identity across locations.
  • Significantly reduce training time and costs by leveraging interactive software with touch capable screens.

Baanto’s patented ShadowSense touch technology is the ideal solution for companies looking to implement dynamic corporate digital signage.

  • Ambient light and sunshine are common in lobbies and corporate offices; our solutions are immune to disruption from light, maintaining clarity and visibility even in direct sunlight.
  • ShadowSense solutions can be implemented into screens ranging in size from 8” to 267”, meaning you can use them for displays that are large or small, and can customize them for your needs.
  • When you need an interactive sign, you want something that is responsive; our devices have response times of 6 to 8 ms, giving users instantaneous result from their inputs.

Our solutions help you make a statement and impress your customers with unique, interactive displays that capture attention and engage end users

Ready to leverage ShadowSense?

Baanto offers unparalleled touch technology through ShadowSense. Our technology outperforms other touch technologies while yielding cost savings.

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