ShadowSense offers more than just an innovative, high performance, cost effective, multi-touch solution. Our customers deploy touch products in diverse and challenging environments with performance requirements far beyond simple X-Y position data.

An industry first, Dashboard provides users with the ability to easily configure and modify the touchscreen behavior of all ShadowSense powered frames. Dashboard allows the user to adjust the performance and touch characteristics of the touchscreen to provide spurious touch and palm rejection, debris and static object recognition, rain and fluid cancellation, and touch object characterization.

Also included with Dashboard, are comprehensive monitoring capabilities that allow users to quickly assess the health of their ShadowSense frames, ensuring 24/7 operation of the most critical applications.

No task is too big or too small. Dashboard allows you to tailor the performance of your ShadowSense touchscreen to best meet your requirements.

Touch Characterization

Create the ideal multi-touch experience with control over touch point separation, speed and size to prevent accidental touches.

Hover Distance

Sense the pressure of a touch point or allow touch operation without actually touching the screen by adjusting the hover distance.

Transparency and Rain Mode

Shadow density can be used to detect the transparency of an object, giving the ability to exclude semi-transparent objects such as fluids, oils and even rain

Palm Rejection

Use the size of an object to differentiate a valid touch versus an unintentional touch, allowing for spurious touch and palm rejection.

Pen and Eraser Recognition

Automatically detect the size of pen and eraser inputs and enable them for use with off-the-shelf software applications.

Standalone Application

All system changes are written and stored to the ShadowSense frame, allowing bulk changes and remote configuration.

Hardware Monitoring

Provides immediate feedback of sensor and LED functionality for quick and easy troubleshooting, as well as remote monitoring.

Comprehensive Monitoring and Configuration at Your Fingertips

Intuitive Interface
Diagnostics, configuration, testing and upgrading of frames can all
be done with a few simple clicks.

Built-in drawing canvas allows changes to be tested independent of
the touch application.

Remote Monitoring and Management
Health of LEDs for entire frame is constantly monitored and easily
downloaded for debugging remotely.

Using presets, multiple frames can be configured together to save
time and money.

Shadow Density

ShadowSense differs from all other technologies in that it senses not only the shadow of the object but also the transparency. Dashboard is used to adjust shadow densities to tune out objects based on transparency, like water versus fingers.

Touch Rejection

Sensing the size of an object gives ShadowSense control over what is recognized as a valid touch, versus an unintentional touch. Using Dashboard, precise definitions of a valid touch size (min and max) can be programmed.

Pen and Eraser

ShadowSense can recognize the difference between a stylus, finger or eraser without having to make monotonous menu selections. The sizes of the pen and eraser can be set and adjusted within Dashboard so that any sized pen and eraser can be used.

Touch Masks

Different applications will have various requirements and being able to mask out regions that allow for touch permits added control over the ShadowSense experience. Dashboard allows up to four zones to be configured.

Download Dashboard product brief:

Dashboard PDF


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