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Desktop Monitor TouchscreensComputer usage in businesses has been on the rise for many years and is now reaching its peak, with roughly 87% of all enterprises reporting computer use in their businesses. Desktop monitors are now on almost every desk in a corporate environment. Businesses seeking to improve their company’s efficiency need look no further than these desktop computers for solutions.

In the corporate world, increasing productivity is key, and can lead to better results and higher profits. Desktop touch screen monitors can help with streamlining processes by eliminating excess clutter, easing input of information, and speeding up workflow. By making your monitor touchscreens work more intuitively and functionally, you increase your employees’ abilities to comprehend and accomplish tasks.

Touch screens utilizing Baanto’s ShadowSense solutions stand apart from the crowd and offer a variety of features to speed up business and increase technology performance.

  • Our multi-touch detection allows more than one input into a surface. This can help when designing intuitive software for business that requires both hands. It can even allow two people to operate the same piece of software on one monitor.
  • ShadowSense has made strides in minimizing lag and errors, making it ideal for getting work done and getting it done right the first time.
  • ShadowSense can detect dirt, oil and debris while simultaneously distinguishing them from user input. This error-detection advancement means that the desktop monitor can be relied upon in a variety of environments and circumstances.
  • Baanto’s advances in response time and accuracy create a truly intuitive and reliable touch system. Precise movements and inputs mean that software works the way you want it to, maximizing efficiency and accuracy of input.
  • Competitive prices mean you can get the innovation you want without worrying about your budget.

As advances in desktop monitors continue to drive corporate innovation, Baanto’s ShadowSense offers the most advances in touch screen solutions for you and your business to thrive. We would love to help you discover Baanto’s solutions for your desktop touch screens and how they can move your business forward today. Learn about conference room touch screen.

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Baanto offers unparalleled touch technology through ShadowSense. Our technology outperforms other touch technologies while yielding cost savings.

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