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Digital Signage HardwareFor centuries, businesses have been using signage to advertise their brands and shape their images. As innovative technology has swept through the modern corporate landscape, digital signage has allowed for more versatile, adaptable options than previously available. Digital signage hardware can now turn a one-time expenditure into a variety of changeable images and displays. This technology works in a variety of contexts, from small window presentations to towering digital billboards.

Whether used for indoor or outdoor digital signage, touch screen technology can create a more dynamic presentation of your business’ image. When creating a touch screen for digital signage, particularly interactive displays, it is crucial to choose the correct touch screen solutions. To create a tool for a company to put its best foot forward, you want to avoid technical issues and errors that can damage this image and lead to a negative consumer experience.

ShadowSense by Baanto, an industry leading touch screen solution, eliminates these potential pitfalls, offering the best technology for touch screens available.

  • Multi-touch detection allows multiple people to interact with a digital signage display at the same time.
  • Cutting-edge response times and accuracy mean that your touch screens will out-perform the competition’s by enabling better, more nuanced designs with exceptional detail.
  • Fewer glitches mean better displays; ShadowSense boasts powerful innovations in lag and error prevention, meaning your signs won’t lose valuable display time due to technical errors.
  • With 8 filed patents and 12 more pending, Baanto remains dedicated to the development and advancement of touch technology solutions; we are constantly improving our products for the benefit of your business.
  • Multi-environment versatility is important for digital signage hardware; our solutions detect dirt, oil and debris and can tell them apart from user input, making them ideal for indoor and outdoor signage use.
  • Competitive prices mean you can achieve the scale you want without worrying about your bottom line. From tablets to billboards, we want you to dream big and not worry about the budget.

Businesses want attractive aesthetics backed by tried and true performance and reliability. For this reason, look first to Baanto and ShadowSense solutions for your digital signage needs.

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Baanto offers unparalleled touch technology through ShadowSense. Our technology outperforms other touch technologies while yielding cost savings.

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