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Digital Touch Screen KiosksCustomers love to have options; whether selecting the perfect product from your shelves or choosing between different, convenient payment options, it is important to give them the opportunity to find what they are looking for. The check-out process is no different: some customers want cashiers using intuitive and helpful touch screen POS systems, while others prefer to do it themselves at specially designed digital kiosks.

Self-service kiosks can make the retail experience at your store more interactive and personalized for your customers. From providing a convenient way to let customers pay for their purchases, to giving them a place to look up information about your store’s products and inventory, these kiosks mean increased customer engagement and satisfaction.

Here are just a few of the benefits of implementing self-service kiosks in your brick and mortar retail locations:

  • Let customers browse your store’s inventory in an interactive manner, locating the products they like and directing them where to find them, without wasting time searching through racks and shelves.
  • Act as POS terminals, assisting the customer in paying for the product and printing out the receipt.
  • Let retailers collect customer contact information like emails and phone numbers right at the point of purchase.
  • Allow retailers to run a large store with fewer staff, as customers use kiosks to get much of the information they need.
  • Help retailers increase customer engagement and attract more customers, while also effectively managing floor traffic.

A touch screen kiosk equipped with ShadowSense technology has many advantages over competing touch screen technologies.

  • Our mid-sized solutions are covered with a 3mm thick plate of tempered glass, with sensors built into the perimeter of the screen. This makes them extremely rugged, able to withstand regular use and abuse without diminution of performance. The touch functionality still works, even if the screen itself suffers damage.
  • Our touch solution is independent of the monitor so you can display vivid colors and crisp images, even in bright sunlight, making them ideal for showcasing your products and services.
  • The solutions we offer are compatible with all major operating systems, and can be implemented into plug and play devices, letting you upgrade your systems without increasing implementation costs.
  • With virtually instantaneous response times of 6 to 8 ms, our solutions are reliable and effortless to use, making the customer experience engaging and fun.

Baanto offers solutions that are capable of logging more than 200,000 hours of use without a loss of performance, giving you a long-lasting kiosk that requires minimal repair. Learn about touch screen p.o.s systems.

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Baanto offers unparalleled touch technology through ShadowSense. Our technology outperforms other touch technologies while yielding cost savings.

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