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Hospitality Signage KiosksThe hospitality industry strives to create memorable experiences for their customers that will keep them coming back to their establishment for years to come. Restaurants and hotels are built on loyalty, and that loyalty stems from exceptional service delivered at the highest standard.

With these expectations come certain challenges. Staff training is one of the many issues these establishments face day to day, as there are often complex computer systems that handle each aspect of the business. It is important for these systems to run smoothly, both on the front end and the back end. Another challenge is customer engagement; the hospitality businesses must have sufficient resources to serve and entertain customers effectively, while still managing costs and overhead.

Touch screens offer an easy, cost-effective way to improve the overall experience at hotels by adding interactive digital signage to areas such as the lobby. Hospitality kiosks can also help manage customer service requests while preserving resources.

  • Hotel Signage that is attractive and engaging provides business people with easy access to the information that they need to get their day started and travelers with ideas on how to make the most of their vacation. These screens can point guests in the direction of essential guest services, like check-in and concierge desks. They can also provide a wide range of other information: local time and weather, news and stock market activity, trivia and nearby attractions. These can all scroll while guests await check-in, or can be part of a digital entertainment lounge where guests can relax and enjoy their vacation.
  • Hotel Kiosks used in hotels can facilitate many critical functions that would otherwise take too long to execute, avoiding customer downtime in the form of long wait times. Hospitality kiosks can quickly reduce these issues by giving guests an immediate way to perform certain vital functions. Kiosks can be used for check-in, for placing orders or requesting special services, and for paying bills so customers can check out quickly when needed.

Touch screens that use ShadowSense technology offer some of the best solutions available for applications in the hospitality industry. Some of the key advantages are:

  • Midsized and large format solutions for both kiosks and digital signage solutions
  • Eliminates accidental touches based on size, shape and pressure to ignore food elements and spills
  • 24/7 operation to keep up with round-the-clock demands of patrons and guests

Our industrial touch screen monitor can ensure greater productivity .

We invite you to contact us to learn more about what makes ShadowSense ideal for hospitality applications.

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