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Ever notice how many hotels can be confusing, dull, impersonal and boring?
Most hoteliers try to make the stay of their guests as positive as possible by offering the best rates, cleanest rooms and prompt service. However, nowadays, these basics are not enough to attract or retain guests; travelers are looking for fun, exciting and dynamic experiences! These types of experiences remain in the memory of the guest and can be leveraged to maximize repeat business and profitability.

Makeovers in menu or color scheme can shake things up, however regular makeovers are most often not feasible. Fortunately, there is an easier way to make the interior of a hotel new and memorable with every visit of a guest by leveraging touch screens.

Hotel digital signage with touch screen capability can be used to:

  • Provide way finding services to guests at the reception.
  • Provide critical information like travel timings and weather information in public areas and rooms.
  • Engage guests by letting them create or view digital tours of the neighborhood.
  • Provide interesting trivia about the city.
  • Display interactive art in lobbies and rooms.
  • Generate a buzz since hotel walls with touch screen graphics make your property a crowd favorite.

ShadowSense touch screens can help you create a magical experience for your guests because of their unique properties.

  • Solutions scale from 8” to 267” without a drop in performance so hotels can keep a consistent experience whether it’s a kiosk or an interactive wall.
  • Native multi-touch support lets multiple guests interact intuitively and simultaneously with the screen.
  • Ambient light immunity allows screens to be installed in bright atriums and outdoor locations, without any loss of clarity or operability.
  • The ability to accept inputs from gloved fingers, keys, credit cards, etc., while rejecting input from watches or shirt cuffs brushing on the screen, ensures a reliable experience for all guests.

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