Incar Touch Screen Navigation System

Incar Touch Screen Navigation System Touch technology in the transportation industry has flourished with the introduction of digital kiosks. These devices have improved the customer experience by letting them purchase tickets and learn more about things like train and bus routes as needed. They have also had a significant impact on airport traffic, making it easier for people to check-in and check their bags.
Now, touch screens are entering a new area of the transportation industry – your car. In car touch screens are starting to replace analog systems, eliminating many of the cluttered dials, switches, and buttons that populate your dashboard.

These touch screens can control a number of systems in your vehicle.

  • They provide quick access to temperature control systems, letting you fine tune and control the heat or air conditioning.
  • The multi-media system can now be controlled with a few quick swipes and taps, allowing you to skip through songs or find the right radio station easily.
  • Get immediate access to important data, like inside and outside temperatures, engine status, battery levels, fuel efficiency, and tire pressure.
  • These screens make scans and diagnostics easier for both drivers and technicians.
  • Cars with touch screen navigation let you easily input and view route information so you can find your way around town.

Several unique features make screens equipped with ShadowSense ideal for use in car touch screen applications.

  • These screens work in any type of lighting condition, from dim to bright sunlight, meaning that they are clear and visible even if you are driving at high noon.
  • ShadowSense technology is highly responsive, to within 6 to 8 ms, meaning instantaneous responses whenever drivers or passengers use their devices.
  • ShadowSense equipped screens can recognize touches from drivers with gloved fingers or long fingernails, allowing the driver to operate the screen in all situations.
  • Avoid accidentally activating your radio or changing your car temperature by configuring the screen to filter out accidental touches based on size, shape, pressure, and opacity.
  • ShadowSense technology is durable; even if you spill water or coffee on it, it keeps on working, and will even continue operating if the screen is cracked or damaged.

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