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industrial automation systemsIndustrial environments require advanced technological solutions, but can present unique challenges when trying to find solutions that fit a variety of needs and working conditions. Many businesses in this sector are seeking ways to implement effective industrial automation systems, and run into limitations with the options that are currently available. Touch screens can help overcome many of these limitations, and can be an affordable and simple way to upgrade current technology and implement the automation systems that companies want.

A key challenge where touch screens can be useful is in providing an intuitive interface for workers to control equipment and machinery. Equipment that uses touch screen technology can be easier to operate compared to those with analog controls, improving operator efficiency and reducing the time it takes to train new employees on its use.

Industrial sensors can also be more effective when equipped with touch screens, providing immediate and interactive data that users can access and manipulate quickly to control operations. These sensors are an essential element of industrial automation systems, providing real-time information that is critical for safe operation of machinery, and offering valuable insights into how well the equipment is running and whether any fine-tuning or repairs are needed.

Touch screens equipped with ShadowSense technology from Baanto can bring these benefits to industrial operations, and offer a number of benefits not found in competing touch technologies:

  • Screens using ShadowSense have a number of ways to distinguish between accidental touches and valid inputs, from evaluating object size to touch frequency and opacity. This can lead to a safer operating environment by preventing inadvertent activations of machinery and equipment.
  • Our solutions can be specially sealed to prevent contamination from liquids that often appear in industrial environments, preventing damage and allowing continued operation, even when a screen has foreign substances on its surface.
  • Devices with ShadowSense are durable and resistant to damage and dust since the touch mechanism is independent of the glass surface, allowing more rugged industrial materials to be used as a protective layer.
  • Industrial environments often have bright ambient light, which can impact visibility and performance. ShadowSense is immune to these problems, working even in direct sunlight.

We invite you to learn more about Baanto’s solutions and how our industrial touch screen monitor systems can help you implement efficient and effective industrial automation systems.

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