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Passionate educators want to help students truly learn. Learning is a multi-sensory process for Interactive and Digital WhiteBoardstudents: it involves active listening, stimulating visuals and engaging activities to solidify their understanding of the subject matter. Few things deliver all of these components like classroom technology, from interactive walls to the latest computer systems.

An interactive whiteboard opens up a world of possibilities for instructors and their students. These devices empower teachers by blending the capabilities of whiteboards with computer monitors, greatly expanding what they can do in the classroom and making usage much more intuitive. Educators can now design engaging presentations that capture students’ attention, enabling them to learn and retain more from each lesson.

Despite the benefits of these whiteboards, not every country is on track with integrating this technology in their classrooms. For example, while 70% of the primary and secondary schools within the UK have these boards, only 16% of classrooms have them in the US.

Why have educators been reluctant to adopt these new technologies? There are a variety of potential reasons. Some of them have to do with budget, as implementing new technology can be cost prohibitive. Others may be concerned about durability, as a device’s ruggedness can often be put to the ultimate test in a classroom environment. Another issue is whether students and teachers can adopt the technology properly, as not every digital whiteboard is easy to implement and use.

Interactive whiteboards equipped with ShadowSense technology overcome each of these obstacles.

  • Baanto’s solutions can operate 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, with more than 200,000 user hours in a product’s lifespan. This means a device can undergo constant usage, even in a busy classroom that is active for several hours a day.
  • The touch screen solutions we offer are cost-effective, saving school districts money and preserving precious educational resources.
  • These solutions are also intuitive and easy to adopt; instructors need little to no training to begin using the touch screen technology, as it works with existing systems and simply adds multi-touch capabilities. It also does not use up IT resources, as they are plug-and-play solutions, requiring no special drivers or software to operate.
  • The devices are durable, operating even when subjected to tough classroom environments, from harsh fluorescent lighting to dirt and smudging. They can even operate when chewing gum or tape residue are stuck to the touch surface.

In addition to overcoming these obstacles, the interfaces are intuitive and fun to use. They can even detect pen and eraser inputs, enabling instruction in both traditional handwriting and modern typing skills, and making it easy to add quick notations during classroom discussions. They also integrate seamlessly with existing Windows 10 systems. Instructors can even add notations on the go with these capabilities, marking up presentation slides and documents as needed.

Download our education brochure to learn more about the key advantages of using ShadowSense in the classroom.

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