Interactive Screens and Displays

Interactive Screens and DisplaysInteractive screens have made hands-on entertainment and technology a mainstay in many different environments. People can find these virtually everywhere, from interactive walls used as mall directories to data displays in newscasts. Businesses are always finding new applications for these touch technologies, which can improve the overall customer experience and add digital flair to their products and presentations. As the touch technology industry grows, businesses search for new and innovative ways to implement touch screens into their progressive business solutions.

Some newer implementations, like an interactive floor projection system for museum installations, are more challenging than some touch screen technologies can handle. This can create lag, glitches and, ultimately, a poor experience for visitors. Baanto’s developments in multi-touch input and static object detection clear up many of these technical issues, leading to a smooth, responsive interface. This opens up the door to a myriad of application options specific to your business. With ShadowSense™ solutions, the scope of integration is only limited by your imagination.

  • Baanto’s solutions feature high accuracy detection, which means less lag time and more reliable functionality in interactive devices. This means that your devices will work exactly the way you want them to work, when you want them to work.
  • ShadowSense™ devices are highly durable. They operate well in a variety of conditions, even when subjected to frequent and regular use, which are features that are important for displays that may come into contact with many users every day.
  • The lightning fast response times of Baanto’s solutions mean that touch devices will operate almost instantaneously, with high precision and with minimal errors in detection and fewer false inputs.
  • Baanto boasts industry-leading multi-input detection capabilities, which allows for multiple users to operate the display. This is crucial when designing larger interactive displays for museums or art installations, which may have more than one user operating it at a time.
  • Our pricing is highly competitive, keeping devices affordable regardless of scale. You can design and buy with confidence knowing that your innovations will not outpace your budget.
  • With rain-or-shine performance, you can rest assured that your touch installation will perform admirably in challenging conditions. This is important for displays that may come into contact with water or stains. ShadowSense™ can distinguish between dirt, oils, water and user touches, meaning that our touch solutions can be used in a wide variety of environments.

Touch screen shipments are projected to increase from 1.5 billion units to 2.5 billion by 2018. Manufacturers are constantly looking for new uses for these technologies in order to stay relevant and competitive in their arenas. Companies are relying more and more on the performance of touch devices to drive their innovative concepts, and Baanto is here to ensure that your devices work reliably and efficiently. We specialize in making custom touch screen and interactive touch screens.

ShadowSense™ touch solutions are ideal for interactive displays of any implementation or scale, from small devices to exhibit installations, or improving business workflow and function. Contact us with any questions you might have and we will be happy to help you discover how Baanto’s touch screen solutions can take your touch screen implementation to new heights.

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