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Interactive WallsWhen shopping or exploring a business, modern customers like to shop with their eyes as well as their hands. Enabling a customer to touch a display, manipulate an interactive wall, zoom in on a tablet menu, or check in from an electronic kiosk, touch technologies are creating ways for businesses to better engage with their clients. As this technology grows, hands-on innovations like touch walls, and even interactive floor projection systems, are allowing for new and exciting possibilities in patron interaction and client development.

Businesses are using interactive touch screens in a myriad of ways to draw in their clients. Designing touch-based devices for use in business requires technological precision and performance. In this, not all touch surfaces are alike. Baanto’s ShadowSense™ touch screen solutions offer the best in modern touch surface advancements, creating exceptional devices for companies wishing to effectively utilize interactive surfaces to reach their clientele.

  • Our solutions detect dirt, oil and debris and can tell them apart from user input, meaning they are suitable for applications from back-end use to being present areas of high customer traffic, including outdoor venues and storefronts.
  • ShadowSense™ is built to last, standing up to repetitive use by multiple users at a time while never sacrificing performance. This means you can let customers interact with your multimedia walls without fear that they will be damaged by frequent use.

  • With 8 filed patents and 12 more pending, Baanto remains dedicated to the development and advancement of touch technology solutions. Our solutions focus on solving problems that normally lead to lag and glitches, leading to less down time for your business.
  • Multi-touch detection allows more than one input into a surface at a time, which gives you options as to how your clients can use interactive touch screens and where you can place them in your business.
  • Baanto’s solutions are competitively priced, helping businesses implement solutions without hurting the bottom line.

From hotels to restaurants, the demand for interactive screens technology is growing. This demand means that businesses are always seeking additional technological solutions when designing and creating interactive touch displays. Baanto’s ShadowSense™ solution offers top of the line touch screen performance, durability and reliability. Contact us to learn more about how our solutions can be applied to your touch devices, keeping you one step ahead of the pack.

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