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Touch Screen ECDISThe International Maritime Organization (IMO) regulations require that all ships carry comprehensive navigational charts, recommending the installation of an Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS). According to the most recent ruling, all large passenger and cargo vessels must be outfitted with an ECDIS system by July 2018.

These performance standards ensure that continuous safety and navigational position information is relayed to captains. Of utmost importance in these systems is their top-notch performance and 100% accuracy at all times in order to handle anything the sea may throw at you. Dated onboard technology can be hard to read, have inaccurate information, and breakdown frequently. These systems aren’t IMO compliant, and can be costly in terms of repairs, or maintenance, as well as in the everyday running of the ship.

The installation of touch screen technology guarantees that your system is optimized to provide information geared at monitoring your communications, navigation, surveillance, as well as engine performance.

Some of the numerous benefits of installing touch screen technology on your vessel include:

Plotting & monitoring routes with electronic navigational charts

Gone are the days of searching through a vast number of charts for every different possibility while at sea. Now, ECDIS monitoring by touch screen allows you to have information regarding territorial waters, reefs, bays, shoals, and water currents all in one place.

Real-time radar images for accurate data on obstacles or hazardous conditions

Understanding weather patterns and receiving real-time updates on conditions is important to the safety of your crew and passengers, as well as in proper route planning.

Fuel efficiency through accurate monitoring of fuel consumption and engine performance

Outdated dials to control and monitor engines lead to a poor understanding of the inner workings of the engine room. Without accurate information, the reporting of fuel consumption is off. Since marine fuel can account for the majority of vessel operating costs, simply being able to efficiently manage engine performance allows you to save on fuel costs.

Withstand harsh conditions at sea

Sun, rain, and ocean spray won’t affect the performance of your touch screen ECDIS system. Touch screens can be made waterproof, dustproof and anti-glare.

Intuitive controls detect and reject false data by only responding to fingertips

Today’s touch screens allow navigators to zoom and pan charts displayed on the interface, as well as tap, pinch, and swipe through information quickly. The intuitive controls can be programmed to detect and reject false inputs from typical implements used in planning or measuring by accepting inputs from fingertips only. Therefore, items accidentally placed on or near the screen will not register, ensuring that you and your crew have accurate information at all times.

Meeting the regulatory demands of the Maritime industry is easy with technology that supports your vessel. With Baanto’s ShadowSense technology and custom solutions, you can meet the rigorous demands of sea life with accurate, real-time information. Contact us today to learn how an interactive touch display monitor can bring you and your fleet up to ECDIS standards.

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