Military Touch Screen Devices

Military Touch Screen DevicesTechnology used by the military demands the highest level of quality and reliability, as it is often a matter of life or death. From heavy usage demands to extreme conditions, average consumer devices are simply not up to the task of performing in the wide variety of environments that military personnel encounter on a regular basis.

Military touch devices appear almost everywhere, from inside vehicles, to wall displays in command centers to navigational handhelds carried by field patrols. Regardless of where these touch screen technologies are needed, they should meet certain levels of quality and reliability.

  • In-Vehicle Control Interfaces are gradually being replaced with touch screens as they can consolidate multiple controls and functions into a single operation. This makes navigating through treacherous environments less taxing on personnel, freeing them to focus on the mission at hand.
  • Field Instrumentation are a critical component of military operations. Everything from artillery controls to communications equipment can be better managed using touch screens for command and feedback. Consolidating information displays with actionable buttons also reduces the size of devices, giving more mobility to infantry.
  • Control and Situation Rooms make use of large displays for mission planning and strategic endeavors. A touch screen with multi-touch support allows for collaborative intelligence gathering and other meetings.

Touch screens that use ShadowSense technology offer some of the best solutions available for applications in the military. Some of the key advantages are:

  • Virtually instantaneous response times as low as 6 ms for time-sensitive missions and operations
  • Registers touch points from gloved fingers for accessibility at all times
  • Built-in redundancy for critical control and navigation requirements
  • Scalable from 8” to 267” to cover field devices, in-vehicle controls and large control rooms

Apart from military uses , corporate and IT companies are getting more and more dependent on touch screen computers.

Download our Government, Defense and Military brochure to learn more about what makes ShadowSense ideal for military applications.

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