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Multi Touch TableIn the digital age, technology is everywhere: it appears in our businesses and homes, on the devices we use, and even the things we wear. These days a multi touch table is not only something seen depicted in television and movies – it is a device that many businesses are implementing to offer useful functions to employees and customers.

Many different industries utilize touch screen tables in their operations, providing an intuitive interface with which to complete both simple and complex tasks. Some even utilize multi touch display walls to create unique interactions and experiences, or to offer new workflow choices to employees and enhance productivity.

A reception desk at a hotel or spa might allow guests to check in using a touch screen table, and offer interactive tutorials or other entertainment for guests to use while they wait for service. The tables are used even in the medical industry, offering 3D visualizations of medical scans such that doctors and other medical professionals can prepare for surgeries and procedures. These tables can also assist architectural firms with drafting and visualizing their projects, giving a real sense of how measurements and materials will come together to form a completed project.

Using existing computer systems, the unique ShadowSense touch screens can be incorporated into devices that are already in use, turning them into interactive multi touch tables. These screens offer many different advantages:

  • Palm rejection. Avoid unintentional inputs by ensuring the screen is not altered or activated when accidentally brushed by an elbow or palm.
  • Impervious to environmental factors. From spilled drinks to active construction sites, touch screen devices can be subjected to a number of different hazards. Screens equipped with ShadowSense can withstand these hazards and still operate flawlessly, and you can configure several different settings to adapt to your specific environment, including input object size, pressure sensitivity, and touch delays.
  • Easy setup. No special drivers or hookups are needed for these touch screens; they plug directly into the device’s USB port and adapt to the existing hardware and software.

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