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Reception and Hotel KiosksAs a guest arriving at a hotel, you may notice that your first impression relies heavily on the experience you have while checking in at the front reception.

This initial interaction is a great opportunity for hotels and other hospitality type establishments to impress their guests and set the stage for higher brand engagement and repeat business. On the flip-side, if a guest is unimpressed they may view the rest of their experience through a negative lens, thus minimizing the chances for thousands of dollars of repeat business.

Regular travelers dread the check in process at many hotels and motels, where long queues, that do not seem to move, are a common sight.

This problem now has a solution through the use of touch screen based self-service reception kiosks. Using these kiosks guests can:

  • Swipe a credit, debit or membership card during check in, select a room and collect the keys.
  • Deposit the keys during check out, review the bill, pay any balance charges and print out a receipt.
  • Order services at spas, restaurants and call a taxi.
  • Fill out questionnaires and offer feedback.
  • Check-in for their flight and get a boarding pass before leaving the hotel.

These self-service kiosks have saved hotels, motels and casinos millions of dollars while increasing customer satisfaction, especially among the younger demographic.

ShadowSense touch screens can help your guests with a hassle free check-in and service experience thanks to their unique features.

  • With an assortment of sizes, screens can be integrated into kiosks, or as touch tables to fit any hotel’s décor.
  • Mid-sized screens have 3 mm thick tempered glass, with 91 % optical clarity, providing a rugged and scratch resistant surface that is readable in all lighting conditions.
  • The ability to detect the size and opacity of the object allows ShadowSense touch screens to accept input from keys, gloved fingers and works well even when covered with liquids or debris.
  • With native support for multi-touch, gestures such as swipe, flick, drag, tap and double tap can all be implemented.

With an operational life of over 200,000 hours without any dip in performance levels, ShadowSense screens can drastically enhance and improve the check-in experience.
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