Restaurant Digital Signage

Restaurant Digital SignageWhether you are operating a family restaurant or are in charge of a large nationwide chain of franchises, the problem of razor thin margins likely keeps you up at night. Maximizing table turnover is a primary objective of most restaurants and is one of the keys to generating large profits.

You can increase your restaurant throughput and hence profitability by getting more people through the doors, increasing the customer spend, while minimizing costs.

One of the proven ways of doing that is by using touch based digital signage.

Restaurant digital signage can:

  • Let customers easily place orders in fast food and drive-thru outlets using interactive menus, improving customer satisfaction, and cutting down on employee costs.
  • Display daily menus, promotions, and sales that can be customized based on demographic information, and prior selections.
  • Engage and entertain customers and help in brand building by delivering interactive and emotionally stimulating content.

In an increasingly health conscious marketplace, restaurants have also found that digital signage is ideal for displaying calorific information about food. This in turn enables buyers to make more informed decisions and feel that their concerns about health are being addressed by the restaurant.
As other consumer-facing organizations have discovered, digital signage is a great way to create higher engagement levels with younger demographics, while simultaneously driving down costs.

ShadowSense touch solutions can help create a memorable experience that wows your guests. Check out the features of our touch screens to see how they can benefit you and your guests:

  • Available in sizes ranging from 8” to 267”, restaurants can use different sizes based on their needs, in kiosks or in wall mounted panels.
  • ShadowSense is a perimeter based solution so it’s vandal proof and scratch resistant, making it ideal for drive-thru outlets .
  • Customers can use gloved hands or wet fingers to order, and the screen will work even if it’s covered by ketchup or grease.
  • Compatible with major operating systems including Android, letting restaurants serve content using commonly available media players.

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