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Thinner. Faster. More Powerful.

ShadowSense Pro Touch Frame

25% Thinner

Touch technology without the bulk.

The ShadowSense Pro is now 25% thinner than previous generations. A slimmer bezel lowers the optical plane – minimizing accidental touches and reducing hover distance.

The streamlined design can effortlessly detect the smallest lifts of a pen for an optomized writing experience.

Faster, More Powerful

Evolved Technology for an Evolving World.

A next generation microcontroller and ShadowSensors elevate the performance of ShadowSense further, resulting in faster frame rates, lower touch latency, and increased accuracy and precision.

The added processing capability also gives ShadowSense the ability to detect the shape and rotation of non-circular objects.

Improved Writing Experience

Like Pen & Paper.

Native pen support in Windows and Linux allow up to 4 people to write on the screen – without drivers. The ShadowSense Pro passive pen & eraser allow for a more intuitive writing experience, with virtually no set-up or batteries required.

The slightest movements of the pen are tracked continuously with minimum delay, and every little pen up and pen down captures a user’s writing style.

Control & Flexibility

Expand your touch beyond the screen.

An added RS-232 port paves the way for customized operation with ShadowSense touch frames. On screen displays can now drive display functions such as power, input source and volume.

Programmable hot keys can be used to integrate with automation systems to adjust lights and reset room configurations.

Ready to leverage ShadowSense?

Baanto offers unparalleled touch technology through ShadowSense. Our technology outperforms other touch technologies while yielding cost savings.

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