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Ticketing Kiosk and Vending Machines Public transportation has many advantages; it helps reduce our collective fuel consumption, letscommuters focus on tasks other than driving, and offers a relatively safe way to get from place to place. Despite these facts, some people still avoid public transportation for a few select reasons. One of these reasons is that the industry is often plagued with long lines.

Long lines tend to form when passengers are trying to purchase tickets or check in, or when attempting to board a vehicle like a plane or a train. They result in stress, headaches, and depleted resources as transportation companies allocate staff to try and alleviate these lines.
Touch screen checking system can go a long way to reducing and eliminating these types of problems with the introduction of user-friendly ticket vending machines and other self-service kiosks. They have become common features in places like train stations and airports.

  • Kiosks allow passengers to complete basic tasks, like purchasing tickets, printing boarding passes, and selecting seats, with minimal assistance from staff members.
  • Airlines can use kiosks to automate the baggage check system, ensuring luggage is properly marked and transported where it needs to go.
  • Passengers can also use kiosks to upgrade their seats or modify their itineraries if they have had a change in travel plans.
  • Many transportation companies use kiosks as a way to provide information to passengers as well, including departure and arrival times, local maps, and other important data.

Baanto’s ShadowSense solutions for touch screens are perfect for use in ticketing kiosks; they require minimal maintenance and have a long lifespan, lasting through over 200,000 hours of use.

  • ShadowSense solutions are available in sizes ranging from 8” to 267”, giving you the flexibility to customize the design of your kiosk while being able to implement an optimal screen size.
  • The touch interface is independent of the glass surface so kiosks can be made to be vandal-proof and capable of withstanding heavy wear and tear. They keep working even if the glass is cracked, meaning less down time between repairs.
  • The screens are immune to ambient light and will continue to function in brightly lit environments like an aiport.
  • You can configure the screens to accept or reject inputs based on various parameters, including object shape and size, which can keep passengers from making accidental inputs that affect their travel plans.
  • Our durable technology can distinguish between inputs and contaminants on the screen, like water or smears, making them ideal for high-volume use by a variety of different passengers in public places.

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