ShadowSense Touch Screen Features and their Benefits

Touch Screen Features with it's BenefitsWhat do you expect from your touch screen technology? Are you familiar with all of the benefits of incorporating ShadowSense™ into your devices? We want to educate you about the touch screen features that Baanto has to offer.

  • Fast, Accurate, Repeatable: Devices using ShadowSense have some of the fastest touch screen response times, regardless of the number of touches, and using the smallest amount of processing power possible.
  • High Ambient Light Immunity: Even in direct sunlight or environments that are extremely bright, devices equipped with ShadowSense have sunlight readable touch screens that are virtually immune to ambient light problems.
  • Ability to Sense Size of Object: When a device is able to detect size and spacing for touch screens, users gain exceptional control. Devices equipped with ShadowSense have this feature built-in, allowing for instantaneous reactions to different objects.
  • Scalable Technology: Baanto offers scalable solutions ranging from 8” to 267”, with full support for all ShadowSense features at all sizes. This scalability in touch technology does not come with a significant increase in price, and no performance is lost, even in larger devices.
  • Palm Rejection: Avoid unintentional inputs with palm rejection, one of the touch screen benefits of being able to detect object sizes and define what is recognized as a valid touch.
  • Controls Transparent Touches: ShadowSense is aptly named, as it can filter out a shadow touch by detecting the shadow’s density, avoiding accidental inputs that might occur with water from spills or rain.
  • Eliminates Accidental Touches Based on Size: With ShadowSense, the user can filter out more unintentional touches by specifying the parameters of items that are considered acceptable inputs.
  • Eliminates Accidental Touches Based on Speed: Another false touch detection method that Baanto employs is ensuring quick, accidental touches are not recognized as inputs. This makes touch screen devices with our technology much more reliable to use, which is important in a number of settings, including engineering, manufacturing, medical fields, and aerospace.
  • Easier to Process Mouse Click: The ability to accept multitouch input makes it easier for ShadowSense to identify different finger motions, distinguishing between double clicks, clicks, and click/drags more effectively.
  • Controls Hover Distance: If you want to allow a device to detect inputs that do not actually touch the screen, you can allow for hover touch inputs that trigger from a predetermined distance above the screen’s surface.
  • Comprehensive Diagnostics: Get immediate feedback of frame health for easy troubleshooting and quick servicing, reducing down time for critical applications.
  • True Multitouch: Detect and track up to 10 independent touch points simultaneously. The position, size and shape of all touch points are constantly tracked.
  • Liquid Rejection: Rejects touches from water based on transparency and by automatically calibrating itself to allow ShadowSense to operate in rain.
  • Mac OS X: Works natively with Mac OS X Yosemite to provide a fast and accurate single touch solution.

Take the time to familiarize yourself with the various benefits Baanto has to offer. We invite you to contact us directly to learn more about our products and each of the touch screen features available via ShadowSense technology. Read about touch screen types.

Check out the complete list of features and corresponding benefits of ShadowSense:

Features Benefits
Does not need drivers or processor resources, and is a USB HID device Compatible with most hardware and software platforms, has fast response times of 6 to 8 ms.
Sensors come with built in notch and band pass filters Not affected by ambient light, and works well in changing light conditions or in direct sunlight.
Can sense the size and shape of the touch object Can react instantaneously to soft bristles of a paint brush while rejecting palms resting on the screen.
Can accept or reject a touch based its characteristics Watches, shirt cuffs or bracelets brushing against the screen won’t register any input, increasing the reliability of use in critical applications like medical and aerospace.
Density of the shadow made by the object can be detected Touches made by water, or other fluids can be tuned out
Has support for up to 10 touch points Recognizes multi touch gestures like swipes, pinch, flicks, tap, double tap and drag.
Can accept touch by any device based on how the screen is configured, regardless of whether the object is a conductor of electricity Accepts touch inputs by gloved fingers, finger nails, pens, keys, credit cards, styluses, erasers, etc.
Hover distance can be controlled Touch events can be recorded even if the user’s finger does not touch the screen. Alternatively, users can be forced to touch the screen to register impact.
3mm thick tempered glass covers the screen, which has 91% optical clarity Rugged screen that is scratch resistant, and which performs exceptionally well

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