Touch Screen Navigation System

Touch Screen Navigation SystemWith the growing prevalence of advanced technology in airplanes, aviation will likely never be the same again. In the near future, the traditional knobs, indicators and switches that have appeared in flight decks for years may all be replaced by the next step forward in interactive technology – the touch screen.

As modern aviation continues to experience technological advances, pilots can have access to more sophisticated equipment and navigation systems as well as military touch devices that comply with size and weight constraints. This is possible through the use of touch screens, which offer the ultimate balance between form and function.

The availability of touch based technology in the aviation industry has caused a rapid shift from standard controls to instruments and functions that can now be activated with the brush of a finger or the tap of a screen. This shift continues to gain momentum as more pilots become comfortable with touch-activated tools like the touch screen navigation system. Touch screens are also becoming an expected luxury for passengers on planes, providing entertainment to pass the endless hours in the air.

  • Cockpit Controls are a natural place for the use of touch screens as they are much more intuitive compared to traditional tactile controls. Touch screens can help pilots organize their controls in such a way that the most pertinent ones for the situation appear when they are needed the most. The faster response time that these screens can afford can help pilots and air traffic controllers avoid catastrophes and make a difference in saving lives.
  • In-Flight Entertainment Systems can make a long haul across the Pacific much more bearable for passengers. The best way to facilitate this is to use touch screens to provide entertainment options and real time updates on flight times, local weather and news. They have already become a staple at airports, where passengers frequently use touch screens as part of automated check-in procedures.

Touch screens that use ShadowSense technology offer some of the best solutions available for applications in aviation. Some of the key advantages are:

  • Lighting fast response times as low as 6 ms for virtually instantaneous reactions to pilot commands
  • Registers touch points from gloved fingers so pilots can operate controls at all times
  • Built-in redundancy for critical control and navigation requirements
  • Detects hover distances to allow for lower impact on in-flight entertainment systems

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