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Touch Screen POS Systems and MonitorA reliable Point of Sale (POS) system is an integral part of your retail store. Without it, sales operations cease, as your employees would not be able to scan barcodes, swipe credit cards, or conduct other necessary transactions. A slow system can be even worse, creating an impatient line of customers who then complain about long checkout times.

The traditional POS terminal uses inputs like keyboards and buttons, but this interface has several drawbacks. It is not particularly durable, which is problematic in fast-paced retail environments where continuous daily usage is required. It is also not known for being intuitive, which can create problems when a new cashier is interfacing with the system.

Touch screen POS systems overcome many of these challenges, and offer a number of additional benefits.

  • Touch systems enable signature screens for credit card transactions, versus pen and paper signatures. This reduces check-out time and saves paper.
  • Like digital kiosks, these POS systems can email receipts instead of printing them out, saving additional paper and increasing convenience for your customers.
  • A touch screen POS monitor can be integrated with your existing systems, including inventory management, keeping the same functionality that notifies you automatically when inventory is running low so that you know when to re-order.
  • These systems improve employee productivity by providing them with a more intuitive interface for conducting each transaction. This also reduces the learning curve, getting new employees up to speed more quickly compared to older types of terminals.
  • With a touch screen interface, you can avoid purchasing additional peripherals such as a keyboard and mouse.

ShadowSense equipped touch screens are ideally suited for deployment in retail POS terminals.

  • Our solutions are highly responsive, with virtually instantaneous times of 6 to 8 ms, meaning employees can work through transactions quickly and reduce customer wait times.
  • Installing our solutions is easy, and it integrates well with existing systems, not needing the installation of special software or drivers to work.
  • Each screen can be configured to accept or reject inputs based on object size, shape, and opacity, as well as timing. This means you can reduce the number of erroneous inputs in your transactions.
  • These screens are immune to ambient light interference and remain visible in direct sunlight, making them ideal for brightly-lit stores.

Screens equipped with ShadowSense can operate for more than 200,000 before needing replacement; this means that your POS system will keep working for years to come. Learn about retail touch screens.

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