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Touch Screen SolutionsBaanto ShadowSense offers elegant touch screen solutions that will meet and exceed your unique needs, and wow your end users.

Our solutions are used in multiple industries and are deployed by hundreds of companies of all sizes, and in many diverse and challenging environments.

ShadowSense equipped products are built using patented and patented pending technology, and can offer businesses a cost effective, highly interactive, easy to maintain and rugged touch solution.

Benefits of ShadowSense Touch Screens

ShadowSense enabled touch screens have many benefits for all kinds of users:

  • Detects objects with an accuracy of 2 mm
  • Functions equally well in challenging environmental conditions like rain or bright sunlight
  • Scalable from 8” to 257” without any loss of performance
  • Cost effective to install and requires no special cleaning or maintenance
  • Rugged and durable as the touch surface is made of tempered glass (midsized frames)
  • Resistant to scratches and has high optical clarity (91%) (midsized frames)
  • Recognizes any kind of object as touch – bare fingers, gloves or even a paintbrush
  • Performance remains consistent and accurate over time

ShadowSense Touch Screens in Action

Baanto ShadowSense touch screen technology has been used by our clients in industries such as:

Our Solutions includes..

Ready to leverage ShadowSense?

Baanto offers unparalleled touch technology through ShadowSense. Our technology outperforms other touch technologies while yielding cost savings.

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