Precision Pen & Eraser

Leave Your Mark

In order for digital whiteboards to be widely adopted, the writing experience must match our expectations of pen on paper. With this in mind, we introduced the ShadowSense Precision Pen & Eraser, custom engineered to combine the performance benefits of an active stylus with the simplicity of a passive system.

Our unique features provide users with the closest feeling to writing on paper with no batteries or electronics to worry about. An active, battery-powered stylus needs to be constantly recharged and can cause significant cost and downtime if they are dropped or lost. These hassles are avoided with ShadowSense.

Cunningly Crafted

Ergonomic design is at the forefront of the Precision Pen and Eraser. The Precision Pen includes a unique barrel with grips for comfortable writing without fatigue. An ergonomic handle on the Precision Eraser matches the natural curvature of the palm for ultimate comfort. Integrated magnets in both the pen and eraser allow for easy mounting and storage on any metallic surface.

Experience a new level of writing performance when using an interactive display. Other passive styluses suffer from poor resolution and performance, resulting in slow adoption and a poor user experience. With the highest resolution and accuracy, the Precision Pen offers over 4K resolution high speed writing to provide a true pen on paper feel.

A unique compressed fibre tip utilizes ShadowSense’s advanced shape recognition algorithms. Instantly detecting a pen up motion, the Precision Pen virtually eliminates unintentional connecting strokes. Feel the difference with a truly passive pen that contains no electronics, never needs to be recharged, and is cost effective to replace.

The Precision Eraser uses ShadowSense shape recognition technology that eliminates accidental erasing. A lightweight body and comfortable rounded shape allows for continued use without fatigue. The microfibre base glides smoothly across the screen with minimal noise, cleaning fingerprints as you use it.

The ShadowSense Precision Pen and Eraser have been specifically designed to maximize performance, comfort, and convenience of storage. ShadowSense offers the closest experience to pen on paper in the interactive whiteboard market.