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Aviation & Military Touch Screens

Commercial and civil aviation requirements demand the highest levels of reliability, performance and quality. Touch screens on the flight deck must work without error and must meet some of the most stringent testing on the planet. Second only to civil aviation, the military requirements add additional levels of quality and reliability for mission critical operations. In both environments, touch screens must perform flawlessly from takeoff to landing, in extreme turbulence, or the vibration of weapons fire, there can be no error, even in the most demanding of situations.

Touch screen advantages

Aside from aviation flight decks, touch screen devices appear almost everywhere these days; from inside land vehicles, to wall displays in command centers, to AWACS and search/rescue aircraft, and ocean vessels. Regardless of situation, these are environments where the highest levels of quality and reliability are critical. Touch screen displays using ShadowSense technology deliver reliable, faultless performance under the most demanding conditions.

Minimizing Error

Many in-vehicle control interfaces are gradually being replaced with touch screens as they allow a broader range of functions to be easily located within one simple interface. This makes navigation and information display, as well as system control, more intuitive and therefore enabling command and control or emergency response personnel to focus on the mission at hand.

Displaying clear and concise situational information on a touch activated display allows for faster and more reliable decision making and control.

In Control or Situation Rooms, large video walls with touch interfaces, linked to smaller touch enabled devices provide the ideal tool for collaborative and informed decision making.

Key Benefits

ShadowSense technology offers the best and most reliable solution available for applications within the aviation and military sectors.

  • 24/7 uptime with >200,000 MTBF Hours | Unprecedented reliability
  • Adaptable to work with Night Vision Imaging Systems (NVIS) | Will not interfere with NVIS operations.
  • Fast, Accurate, Repeatable | With <10 ms response times and <2 mm touch accuracy, every touch point is independently tracked to provide a reliable, true multi-touch interface.
  • Input Agnostic | Recognizes the shape, size and pressure of any object whether it’s bare fingers, combat gloves, a stylus or even tactical tools
  • Ambient Light Immunity | Provides an unparalleled degree of immunity to high ambient or changing light intensities; flawless operation even in direct sunlight.
  • Frame Based Design| Perimeter based technology provides class leading optical clarity and ensures that touch is impervious to scratches, dust or debris on the screen.
  • Shape and Size Recognition | Sensing the size of an object permits control over what is recognized as a valid touch versus an unintentional touch, allowing for spurious touch and palm rejection.
  • EMI Shielded | Enclosed entirely within the frame and independent of the glass surface.
  • Driverless Interface | Requires no drivers or touch detection applications
  • Customizable | Scalable from 8” to over 300” to cover field devices, in-vehicle/aircraft controls and large control rooms
  • DO-178 & FAA Certifiable
  • MIL-STD Certifiable

Industry Solution: Avionic Touchscreen in Cockpit

The benefits of touchscreens in avionics and other high performance environments are numerous, providing pilots with enhanced situational awareness and optimizing the GUI based on specific conditions can dramatically reduce human error, and allow for better decision making.

At present, ShadowSense touch screens are the predominant solution for a number of world leading aircraft manufacturers. Whether it be military or commercial aviation, our screens are already being flight tested by major manufacturers. An example of our ShadowSense touchscreen installed in a European fighter jet is shown here.

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