What do you expect from your touch screen technology? Are you familiar with all of the benefits of incorporating ShadowSense into your devices? We want to educate you about the touch screen features that Baanto has to offer.


Fast Touch Screen Response Time

Fast touch screen response time of 6 ms to 8 ms – that is independent of the number of touches. All touch calculations are performed in the controller, resulting in no host PC processor overhead.

Complete Immunity to Light

ShadowSense patented technology provides an unparalleled degree of immunity to high brightness and changing light intensities.  Completely immune to every type of light source using advanced band-pass filters at the sensor electronics level.

Ability to Detect Size and Shape of Touch Objects

The ability to sense the size of the touch object allows ShadowSense to react instantaneously to an object such as a paint brush.

Scalable Touch Technology

Baanto ShadowSense technology is highly scalable and cost effective. Sizes scale from 8” (20.3 cm) right through to 267” (678 cm). The same powerful ShadowSense features are supported in all sizes producing scalability in touch technology. Unlike competitive systems, the costs of ShadowSense do not scale exponentially with size, making our solutions highly affordable.

Palm Rejection

Sensing the size of an object permits control over what is recognised as a valid touch, versus unintentional touch. Using the Baanto Dashboard, precise definitions of a valid touch can be programmed. This allows things such as palm rejection easier to control.

Transparency Detection

ShadowSense differs from all other technologies in that it senses the shadow of the object causing the touch. Because of this we can also detect the density of the shadow. Being able to detect density allows us to tune out translucent touches or shadow touches, such as those caused by water.

Identifying Unintentional Touches

With the unique abilities of ShadowSense, accidental touches or unintentional touches can be identified using parameters set by Baanto Dashboard. This makes for a highly reliable and satisfying user experience.

False Touch Detection

By controlling the speed at which touches are recognised as being valid, accidental touches that happen quickly, such as the brush of a shirt cuff, can be eliminated. False touch detection, along with eliminating accidental touches based on size, work together to provide a precise profile of a touch, increasing reliability of use in high reliability environments such as medical or aerospace.

Excellent Multi-Touch Performance

ShadowSense is capable of precisely identifying the different finger motions required for click, click/drag and double click through a multitouch input. It is possible to eliminate the confusion that Windows creates if the user does not provide a positive touch.

Floating And Hover Touch Detection

ShadowSense has the ability to register a touch at some position above the surface of the screen. This is what is commonly known as hover touch or floating touch. The “hover distance” can be determined in Dashboard. By controlling this distance a touch can be initiated whilst not touching the screen, or the user can be “forced” to make positive contact with the surface.

Object Shape and Size Recognition

ShadowSense can recognise the difference between a stylus, finger or eraser without having to make monotonous menu selections. Write with the pen, resize or move with fingers, erase with the eraser in a smooth and natural workflow. The sizes of the pen and eraser can be set and adjusted within the Dashboard for a multi touch object recognition.

True Multi-Touch

ShadowSense can detect and track up to 10-20 (dependent on SKU)  independent touch points simultaneously. The position, size and shape of all touch points are constantly tracked to provide a reliable and robust multitouch experience.

ShadowSense On Mac OSX

ShadowSense is able to work natively with Mac OS X Yosemite to provide a fast and accurate single touch solution.

Exceptional Handwriting Performance

High resolution, low latency, high accuracy, combined with the ability to quickly detect a pen up event combine together to provide the user with an unparalleled writing experience.  The closest to pen on paper in the industry.


Immunity From Blocked Sensors

Unlike optical and IR systems, ShadowSense will not fail if portions of the screen are blocked, or if individual components fail. This high level of reliability reduces touch screen failures that bring about unresponsive touch screens, to virtually zero.

Comprehensive Diagnostics

The Dashboard provides comprehensive diagnostics for ShadowSense frames, giving immediate feedback of LED functionality. This allows for easy troubleshooting and quick servicing to reduce down time for critical applications. This also allows for remote monitoring applications.

Liquid Rejection

ShadowSense provides a unique mode that allows it to operate in rain. It does this by rejecting touches from water based on transparency and by automatically calibrating itself to accommodate water that pools along the edges of the bezel.

Complete Sunlight Immunity & Outdoor Operation

ShadowSense technology is completely immune to sunlight, and will work perfectly under any environmental conditions 24/7.

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