Baanto ShadowSense

Baanto ShadowSense touch technology is an innovative and patented optical position sensing technology. Baanto has been granted 27 patents and has over 76 filed across 9 different patent families for our ShadowSense technology. ShadowSense designs use high-performance sensors operating in the analog domain to provide unprecedented performance, stability, and accuracy.

The best analogy for ShadowSense technology lies in the 6,000-year-old sundial. The shadow cast by a sundial instantly and accurately responds to the position of a light source without the use of lenses, with an infinite depth of field, and without the need for exposure control. ShadowSense technology exploits the same characteristics for touch applications, resulting in one of the highest performance, most robust optical sensing solutions available.



Fast Touch Screen Response Time
Complete Immunity to Light
Ability to Detect Size and Shape of Touch Objects
Scalable Touch Technology
Palm Rejection
Transparency Detection
Identifying Unintentional Touches
False Touch Detection
Excelent Multitouch Performance
Floating and Hover Touch Detection
Object Shape and Size Recognition
True Multitouch
ShadowSense On Mac OSX
Exceptional Handwriting Performance


Immunity From Blocked Sensors
Comprehensive Diagnostics
Rain Immunity
Complete Sunlight Immunity
24/7 Uptime with >200,000 MTBF Hours