Thanks for joining us at DSE 2019!

Thank you for visiting the Baanto booth at DSE 2019 in Las Vegas. We hope that your time with us was informative and educational. If you still have questions regarding our Baanto ShadowSense products, we encourage you to contact one of our international sales team.

Baanto International Ltd has been in the Touch Screen business for over 10 years with installations in retail, aviation/military, healthcare, digital signage industrial, broadcast, education, and more.

Featured Products

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Reactiv SUITE

We also showcased our partner Vizetto. Vizetto is a software company that delivers a family of innovative products. Vizetto will be the leader in creating the next generation of enterprise collaboration solutions that will revolutionize the way teams communicate and share any type of information.

The Reactiv SUITE software will empower teams to create and share any type of file format instantly, allowing global teams to collaborate and share, while saving time and improving performance. We will help corporations to save billions in meeting efficiencies and travel for face to face meetings.
To learn more about the Vizetto Reactiv SUITE Software, please visit their website here:

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Baanto’s ShadowSense technology had a large presence at DSE 2019, featured in 4 different booths!


Optika Stratacache


Chief Mounts

Partner Products in Baanto Booth 2019

2 x 2 Modular Video Wall 
& 65″ Display
Provided by TSItouch

Video wall mounts & 
large display mount
Provided by Chief Mounts

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Thank you all for joining us, and we look forward to seeing you at DSE 2020!