ONroute Interactive Kiosks

Travel within Ontario can be a lengthy journey. It’s difficult to find travel amenities all in one place, especially in remote locations. ONroute Service Centres are highway rest areas conveniently located along the 400 and 401 highways, with 23 locations spanning over 750 km. They provide fuel stations, food, retail, and other amenities 24/7 for those stopping by on their travels. With over 500,000 people visiting the centres every day, ONroute wanted to take advantage of the latest touch technology to provide their visitors with the best experience possible.

To achieve an exceptional customer experience, ONroute reached out to Cineplex Digital Media for a full technology solution. Cineplex Digital Media proposed a touch-enabled digital platform that would increase traveler engagement and interaction at these locations.

Kiosks in a New Light

The requirement was for an interactive information kiosk solution. It needed to operate 24/7 in extreme environments like full sunlight and handle the typical stresses of a retail setting with high reliability. It would feature a three-sided touch-enabled screen system located indoors, near the entrance of the ONroute locations. The aim – to provide customers a convenient resource for maps, traffic, and entertainment.

Key Requirements

Being in a location surrounded by windows, the touch screen must be able to handle various lighting conditions, including direct sunlight.
The kiosk must offer high accuracy and fast response time for all customer interactions. The interface needs to be intuitive for all types of new users.
The screen must be durable to handle a retail environment. Withstanding dirt, debris, and physical damage is critical for kiosks that will be running 24/7.
A ShadowSense Solution

Cineplex relied on Baanto’s patented ShadowSense™ technology to get the job done. ShadowSense technology can be integrated with displays of any size – a perfect fit for the 65-inch panels chosen for the project. ShadowSense played a critical role for meeting and exceeding the key customer requirements.

Bright Light Environment

Unlike Infrared touch technology that fails under bright light, ShadowSense technology utilizes advanced filtering techniques, such as notch and band pass filters, making it light immune. Touch capabilities function seamlessly in low light situations and even in direct sun.

Best User Experience

Many other touch technologies such as Projected Capacitive require additional drivers to operate. These drivers can slow down computing performance, frustrating consumers with latency and unresponsiveness.
Fully HID compliant, ShadowSense requires no drivers, and offers features like shape recognition, accidental touch rejection, and contamination detection. It can even differentiate between a liquid and a finger. Plug-and-play, true multitouch, sub 10ms response time, and touch recognition regardless of a bare finger, glove, or fingernail.

Durable & Reliable

Reliability is a key strength of ShadowSense. Retaining functionality even when part of the bezel is obstructed by contaminants, combined with 200,000 hours MTBF, mechanical damage resistance, and 24/7 operation ensures the longevity of the kiosk’s operation and reduces maintenance time.

This unique combination of benefits motivated the Cineplex Digital media team to choose ShadowSense as their preferred touch technology. Cineplex Digital Media created the content for users and combined it with the three-sided interactive screen system to achieve the successful end result.

The Shining Success

In the first month of launch, the kiosks engaged 275,000 visitors to the ONRoute Service centers and over 1.2 million impressions, followed up with a 21.5 percent conversion rate. Currently, the 2018 and 2019 projections of interactions with the kiosk indicate over 2 million interactions per year.
Customers now enjoy traffic updates, weather reports, and even fun interactive games while visiting the ONRoute service centers, encouraging a diversity of information sources for the diverse needs of customers. The kiosks also connect customers directly with tourism partners to promote Ontario as a chosen global destination and deliver content that help improve sales.
Cineplex was awarded the SIA Innovator Award for the interactive kiosk system in the Interactive Display and POP category.