Optika Display Captivate Series

New Era of Group Collaboration

The benefits of collaboration are well documented – harnessing broader perspectives in brainstorming, opportunities for equal participation, efficient decision-making and communication. Optika Display was looking for ways to push the envelope further by expanding the canvas to create ultra-large pixel spaces where several users can access assorted content simultaneously.
These large touch wall solutions are ideally suited for many applications including product design, ideation and brainstorming and command and control. Basically, in any setting that requires a need to consume and visualize complex data, documents, images and videos in real-time.

Challenges with Today’s Touch Wall Solutions

Existing touch wall solutions suffer from a variety of issues: difficulty in installation and serviceability, an unpleasant touch surface, poor reliability and performance issues that result in poor user experience.
Video walls are installed in a diverse range of locations but bulky solutions, with large pieces of glass and awkwardly long overlays, cannot be moved into tight spaces easily. In addition, many locations expose the video wall to ambient light and other touch technologies fail to handle a diverse range of environmental conditions.
Additionally, many existing solutions suffer from poor latency and provide the user with a sub-par writing experience that limits the interactivity and utility of the product.

ShadowSense Modular:
The Only Choice for High Performance Touch Walls

No issues with bright lights

No performance degradation in the sunniest atrium

Fast Response Times

Seamless experience with minimal lag

Automated diagnostic capabilities

Quick and easy troubleshooting for minimal downtime

Modular Design

Transport, set-up, and service with ease

Excellent Writing Experience

Precision Pen allows for writing with the feel of a chalkboard

Advanced Shape Recognition

Quick and easy troubleshooting for minimal downtime

Variety of Configurations

2×2, 3×2, 3×3, and more in Portrait or Landscape orientations
Working with ShadowSense

Optika’s Captivate series not only includes ShadowSense touch frames, but also the entire configuration including LCD displays, touch glass, serviceable mounts, and expert installation. Each display has optically bonded glass that fits in line with each display, creating a surface that invites smooth, seamless pen and finger touch. A specially formulated antifingerprint, anti-glare, anti-smudge surface treatment combats overhead conference room reflections.
Providing an all-in-one solution for customers avoids the hassle of navigating through many different channels for one installation. With floor mounts and customizable wall mounting systems, installation into any environment to exacting specs is a breeze. All configurations include the Optika Display Three-Year Advance Replacement Service, made possible by ShadowSense Modular’s serviceability.

A Proven Solution

Optika’s Captivate Series, powered by ShadowSense, has already been deployed in over a dozen locations globally including Silicon Valley, Toronto, Chicago, Dayton, Kuala Lumpur, Germany and Switzerland.
Premier organizations across the globe are looking to Optika and Baanto’s ShadowSense Modular to enable the next phase of Group Collaboration. The combination of premier technology performance and track record position Optika’s Captivate Series as a go-to touch wall solution globally

Optika Display's Captivate Locations Worldwide