We specialize in high-performance touch interaction for the future.



We specialize in high performance touch interaction for the future.

ShadowSense Touch Frames

Baanto has developed a range of ShadowSense touch frames that can be integrated or mounted onto of an existing display. ShadowSense designs use high performance sensors operating in the analog domain to provide unprecedented performance, stability, and accuracy. These touch frames vary in size and can be customised to suit your unique requirements.
Proudly engineered and designed in Canada, each ShadowSense touch frame uses the latest touch input algorithms based on the patented optical design.




ShadowSense Technology

The best analogy for ShadowSense technology lies in the 6,000 year old sundial. The shadow cast by a sundial instantly and accurately responds to the position of a light source without the use of lenses, with an infinite depth of field and without the need for exposure control. ShadowSense exploits the same characteristics for touch applications, resulting in one of the highest performing, and most robust optical sensing solutions available.

A perimeter based sensor design, ShadowSense decouples the touch function from the protective glass providing improved optical and environmental performance, and better immunity to surface debris and scratches. ShadowSense offers unparalleled features and scalability for the most demanding applications and environments.

Touch Screens with ShadowSense

Touch screens with ShadowSense touch technology are offered around the globe by many of our trusted partners. Touch screens come with the display monitor and the ShadowSense touch frame technology for the best interactive performance possible.

See which of your favourite brands trust ShadowSense for their touch screen solutions. Click below to see which ShadowSense products available closest to you.


ShadowSense offers more than just an innovative, high performance, cost effective, multi-touch solution. Our customers deploy touch products in diverse and challenging environments with specific performance requirements and features.
An industry first, Dashboard provides users with the ability to easily configure and modify the touchscreen behaviour of all ShadowSense powered frames. Dashboard allows the user to adjust the performance and touch characteristics of the touchscreen to provide spurious touch and palm rejection, debris and static object recognition, rain and fluid cancellation, and touch object characterization.

Use Dashboard to activate palm rejection, water rejection, size and shape detection, set targeted interactive areas, performs diagnostics, and so much more.