AMER Partners | ShadowSense Modular ShadowSense Modular +100″ SHADOWSENSE MODULAR Optika Display is a leader in the LCD enhancement market and innovative display solutions. They are experts in reworkable optical bonding techniques, LED back-lighting, film laminates and internal brightness enhancement. Visit their site for more information on Altrac products using ShadowSense technology. VISIT SITE


AMER Partners | ShadowSense Modular | ShadowSense Pro ShadowSense Pro Apek Touchspace™ Apek Maxpad Remix™ Product Offerings 49″ 65″ 75″ 89″ Apek is focused on developing turn-key solutions (hardware, software and services) for interactive systems with multi-touch technologies and exclusive designs. Apek is the developer of the Maxpad Pro, the world’s first Windows touch TV…