Time to update your Video Wall?

Do you have an existing Video Wall that you now want to make interactive? No need to buy an expensive, custom touch frame for your Video Wall. There is a much simpler solution. The ShadowSense Modular touch frame.

Glass Protection

All interactive displays must have a protective glass layer to safeguard the LCD from damage. Depending on the exsiting installation of the Video Wall, a glass overlay may be necessary. In situations where the Video Wall is behind glass such as in retail, the touch frame can be mounted directly to the existing glass. If the Video Wall is installed without any glass protection, a single pane overlay may be the best option. This pane can be installed to sit directly over the displays, and makes for simple installation of the ShadowSense Modular frame.

L Bracket

The ShadowSense Modular L Bracket is designed to sit flat on the wall, with the frame mounted to the lip. By mounting the frame this way, it is easy to replace and adjust the frame if necessary.

Time for an upgrade?