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ONroute Interactive Kiosks

ONroute service stations across Ontario, Canada, received a major upgrade to include three-sided touch interactive kiosks for visitors. Withstanding direct sunlight and grime, ShadowSense touchscreens ensured the best user experience in a retail environment.


An ingenious use of ShadowSense touchscreens helped Innovative Concepts in Entertainment (ICE) create a hugely popular arcade game to pay tribute to the mobile hit Angry Birds. The addictive game has players slinging rubber balls representing the birds, at a touchscreen to knock down the evil pigs. This was made possible by ShadowSense, which was the only touch technology with the capability to detect the quick and spontaneous impact of the balls as they were flung at the screen.
The Angry Birds Arcade game has been installed in every Dave and Buster’s location throughout North America. The unique gameplay combined with the responsiveness of the ShadowSense touch frame has helped propel it to the top of the charts, making it one of the restaurant chain’s most popular attractions.


The benefits of collaboration are well documented – harnessing broader perspectives in brainstorming, opportunities for equal participation, efficient decision-making and communication. Optika Display was looking for ways to push the envelope further by expanding the canvas to create ultra-large pixel spaces where several users can access assorted content simultaneously.
These large touch wall solutions are ideally suited for many applications including product design, ideation and brainstorming and command and control. Basically, in any setting that requires a need to consume and visualize complex data, documents, images and videos in real-time.

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