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Multi Touch WallMovies and television show technology as it should be: intuitive, capable of activation with a word or a gesture, and integrated seamlessly into each aspect of our lives. Now, as multi touch screens gain more prevalence in the marketplace, those futuristic visions are becoming a reality. From touch screen smartphones to engaging, interactive multi touch monitors, technology is truly at our fingertips.

A multi touch wall is an innovative solution that can be used in a variety of applications. Some venues use them as a unique design choice and novelty, while others use them to enhance presentations and productivity.

  • Replace whiteboards and flip-charts in the boardroom; instead, offer the ability to both show your visuals right on the screen, while taking notes and receiving input all in one useful interface.
  • Turn social media ticker screens into interactive experiences, letting users zoom in on images or check out the links of their choice.
  • Boost the education factor at museums, offering both children and adults the opportunity to learn more and perform activities that will help them understand and retain information.
  • Enhance classroom work in the science fields by allowing multiple students to view images from microscopes at the same time.
  • Put information for convention- and conference-goers all in one central place, allowing attendees to transfer the data to their email or portable devices when needed.

A multi touch wall equipped with ShadowSense technology brings these functions to life and turns a passive application into an interactive experience. The technology available through Baanto is highly scalable; these multi touch solutions can reach sizes of up to 267” without loss of functionality or performance. They are also highly affordable; even for larger surfaces, the costs are not exponentially larger, making them extremely cost-effective.

The real benefits of ShadowSense are in its performance and functionality. Our frames can handle up to 18 different touch points at once, and can be configured to register only certain levels of pressure or certain object sizes for input. In order to see our frames in action as part of a multi touch wall configuration, click here and learn more about this incredible technology.

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Baanto offers unparalleled touch technology through ShadowSense. Our technology outperforms other touch technologies while yielding cost savings.

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