Healthcare Touchscreen Monitors

Healthcare is a fast-paced and demanding 24/7 environment that has an overriding need for effective, intuitive, and reliable technology. Technology that is critical for serving patients effectively, and handling the realities of modern healthcare demands. Technology is enabling doctors and nurses to react quickly in critical medical situations.

Baanto has sold over 12,000 units of touchscreens in the healthcare industry with an FDA-approved system.

Advantages of Touchscreens in the Healthcare Industry

Patient care and practitioner time are critical factors; touch screens are uniquely positioned to assist both healthcare providers and patients on a variety of levels. Touch screens can be used as interfaces to the high-resolution monitors that are already being used in medical imaging devices, for example, or as screens for patient kiosks; even as tools for aiding the rehabilitation of patients.

Medical Information Touchscreens

Provide both healthcare workers and patients with a large volume of available data, from appointment schedules to patient status updates. They make administrative functions easier to navigate, freeing up doctors and healthcare professionals to focus more on patient care.

Patient Kiosks

Streamlining the patient check-in process allows patients to provide necessary personal information concisely in advance. This reduces the need for paper printouts and manual registration check-ins. In turn, this allows information to be captured directly into back-end database systems for easy access by the hospital or medical administration, which allows better utilization of existing staff members.

Assistive Technology Products

Touch screens have proven to be great assets in rehabilitation. They offer an easy to use interface that can be adapt to different users’ capabilities and allow easy access to tools that engage a variety of senses essential in the rehabilitative process; including sight, sound and coordination.

Touch screen displays using ShadowSense™ technology deliver reliable, faultless performance under the most demanding medical conditions.

Healthcare Touchscreen Key Benefits

ShadowSense technology offers the best and most reliable solution available for applications within the healthcare industry.

  • 24/7 uptime with >200,000 MTBF Hours 
  • Hover Touch | Operation without physical contact with the screen surface, meeting anti-microbial requirements and forgoing sterile drapes.
  • Liquid Rejection | Sensitivity to shadow density provides a simple way to isolate and reject unintentional touches due to bodily fluids, translucence substances, gels, and blood.
  • IP Sealable | Frame based touch system allows the display to be sealed for IP65 rated applications and resistant to all chemicals. This is essential for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces.
  • Input Agnostic | Recognizes the shape, size and pressure of any object whether it’s bare fingers, surgical gloves, a stylus or similar inanimate object
  • Ambient Light Immunity | Provides an unparalleled degree of immunity to high ambient or changing light intensities; flawless operation even in direct sunlight.
  • Frame Based Design| Perimeter based technology provides class leading optical clarity and ensures that touch is impervious to scratches, dust or debris on the screen.
  • FDA Approved

  • EMI Shielded| Enclosed entirely within the frame and independent of the glass surface.
  • Driverless Interface | Requires no drivers or touch detection applications
  • Customizable | Scalable from 8” to over 300” to cover a wide range of use cases within the healthcare industry.
  • Fast, Accurate, Repeatable | With <10 ms response times and <2 mm touch accuracy, every touch point is independently tracked to provide a reliable, true multi-touch interface.

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Most frequent questions and answers on healthcare touchscreen monitors

The benefits for healthcare providers will differ vastly across the industry. Some of the key benefits include but are not limited to ease of use, ease of cleaning and with the use of ShadowSense screens there is possible benefit of cost savings being significant and also good for the environment.

For most applications, it is useful because it allows for direct selection of parameters and settings, without the need for multiple buttons. Removing buttons also removes potential mechanical fail points. ShadowSense allows medical staff to ability to use a simple, disposable cotton swab to interact with touchscreens, reducing the amount of time required for sanitization and increasing equipment longevity.

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