Custom Touchscreen Solutions

While touch screen technology has been around for several decades, it has recently come to the forefront as a viable solution for many different industries. As market activity for touch screens continues to grow, it is clear that more industries are implementing these into operations across the globe. Now companies are increasingly searching for a custom touch screen solutions to assist with their individual business or applications.

Baanto Custom Solution

ShadowSense is an innovative, cutting-edge technology that strives to take the touch screen experience to new levels. Whatever your design may be, we want to make sure that the technology you use can adapt and grow with your ambitions so you can touch and learn. When designing a custom touch solution for your company, using the most reliable, accurate and progressive technology in your screens ensures that your designs stay at the forefront of this rapidly developing market.

Touch screens that use ShadowSense technology offer some of the best solutions available for custom applications.

Custom Touchscreen Key Advantages

As the custom touch screen market continues to grow, Baanto is here to ensure that you can incorporate this technology into ambitious and creative products without sacrificing quality, reliability or price. We are committed to keeping touch screen technologies relevant and progressive through improved quality and performance.

  • Distinguishes between dirt, oils, and water to eliminate input errors, even in outdoor and industrial environments
  • Boasts exceptional input accuracy, reducing lag times and improving reliability, even in custom touch screens
  • Scalable to your specifications without sacrificing any performance, letting you dream big while maintaining speed and precision
  • Cost-effective so designers can focus on creativity more than budget concerns
  • Multi-touch sensory capacity lets you incorporate different moves and gestures, and allows for a multi-user interface
  • Reliable and durable, reducing maintenance costs and giving you peace of mind that your devices will work when and where you need them
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