Ruggedized & Industrial Touchscreen Display Solutions

Touch screen technology has become an integral part of many different business functions in the past few years and is continuing this growth at a rapid pace. With their versatility, portability and decreasing price point, touch screen interfaces are an increasing presence in the ruggedized and industrial fields.

The ruggedized and industrial industries are demanding and strenuous environments that are tough on equipment.  Such environments require equipment that will last and withstand workplace hazards.
Regardless of the products being manufactured and produced, the equipment needs to be rugged, reliable, and easy to operate. Having easily navigable interfaces enhances employee productivity, and adoption, making them more efficient.
The cost of maintaining and replacing equipment will significantly impact profitability and operations. Equipment should have a long lifespan, reducing the time and money needed to replace it, and avoiding expensive repairs that can add up and eat away at revenues.

Advantages of Touchscreens in the Rugged & Industrial Industry

Touch screens address a variety of challenges such as equipment maintenance and improving efficiencies while providing additional benefits that make them well-suited for rugged and industrial applications, including touchscreens for industrial automation systems.

Ready to try ShadowSense™ for your rugged & industrial touchscreen display?

Key Benefits for Ruggedized & Industrial Touchscreens

ShadowSense technology offers the best and most reliable solution available for applications within the ruggedized and industrial industries:

  • 24/7 uptime with >200,000 MTBF Hours | Unprecedented reliability
  • Customizable | Scalable from 8” to over 300” to cover a wide range of use cases
  • Durable | No moving parts or overlays to wear out. Long-lasting, scratch-proof glass protects the display and will not fail in areas of repetitive contact.
  • Ambient Light Immunity | Provides an unparalleled degree of immunity to high ambient or changing light intensities; flawless operation even in direct sunlight or under the harshest LED or halogen lighting
  • Fast, Accurate, Repeatable | With <10 ms response times and <2 mm touch accuracy, every touchpoint is independently tracked to provide a reliable, true multi-touch interface and experience
  • Input Agnostic | Recognizes the shape, size and pressure of any object whether it’s bare fingers, gloves, a stylus or even tools such as screwdrivers
  • Frame-Based Design | Perimeter-based technology provides class-leading optical clarity and ensures that touch is impervious to scratches, dust or debris on the screen
  • Driverless Interface | Requires no drivers or touch detection applications and is compatible with currently supported operating systems
  • IP Sealable | Frame-based touch system allows the display to be sealed for IP65 rated applications and resistant to all chemicals
  • Liquid Rejection | Sensitivity to shadow density provides a simple way to isolate and reject unintentional touches from foreign liquid substances
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