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We began our journey by pioneering the shift toward enterprise-grade touchscreen solutions through the development of our foundational and patented ShadowSense™ technology.

Founded on innovation, Baanto International Ltd. originated in Mississauga, Canada within Nytric Ltd., an R&D and product consulting firm. Eighteen years ago, Av Utukuri of Nytric kick-started a vision of turning innovative ideas into successful products by providing R&D expertise, conceptualizing inventions, and ultimately manufacturing original technology.

Nytric observing its history of successful products determined it was time to develop a product of its own design. An internal competition gave rise to ShadowSense, a unique optical positioning solution which established a brand new category of touch technology. ShadowSense quickly became known for its unrivaled responsiveness, robustness, and ability to detect object size and shape, capturing the attention of many major electronics firms. As a result, Baanto was established in 2009 to continue to push the boundaries of touch interactivity.

Since its conception Baanto has been granted 27 patents and has over 76 filed across 9 different patent families. It has fostered various partner and integrator relationships and attained a global presence. Today Baanto has launched several industry-leading solutions using ShadowSense technology and prides itself not only on innovative product, but also outstanding customer service and support.

Avanindra Utukuri


Avanindra was one of the founders of Baanto upon its formation in 2009 and is responsible for the technical direction of the Baanto product. Avanindra is involved in design and management of projects in all areas of the business, and for the development of patented technologies.

Jonathon Clarke


Jonathon has, for many years, been involved in hardware design for a wide array of commercial and consumer products. His extensive experience includes mechanical and electrical design, robotics, instrumentation design, analogue and digital circuit design, and numerical analysis.

Bhupinder Randhawa

VP of Intellectual Property

Bhupinder is Vice President, Intellectual Property for Baanto. Bhupinder is a patent attorney with over a decade of experience, specializing in patents and intellectual property licensing

Mark Underwood

Director of Sales, EMEA

Mark has over 25 years of experience in the touch screen industry, and he has held various senior management positions within both the manufacturing and reseller markets. He studied for a National Diploma in Business Studies at Cambridge College of Arts and Technologies.

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