Blog Baanto's blog post on military touchscreen challenges

Military Touchscreen Challenges

Even under the umbrella of the military, there is a multitude of sub-environments that offer unique challenges over and above the broader ones. Military Touchscreens When it comes to military environments, one issue arises repeatedly; viewability. The need to have the maximum clarity and purest blacks is often a key demand. So how does this…

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Blog Baanto ShadowSense vs. Ambient Lighting

ShadowSense vs. Ambient Lighting

IR-based Touchscreen Techonologies Ambient Lighting Rejection Today, the discussion is about how IR-based touchscreen technologies reject ambient light and what makes ShadowSense different. Even though IR-based touchscreen technologies offer many advantages, as you may be aware, most infrared touchscreens do not do well in outdoor environments as the sun is a strong source of IR…

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The Next-Generation IR-Based Technology…

… that uses the concept of shadows to track touch on screens. Proudly engineered and designed in Canada, Baanto’s ShadowSense is entirely different from any other IR technology with over 80 patents to date. Baanto’s ShadowSense combats commonly known challenges prevalent in the touchscreen market relating specifically to poor touch reliability, low durability, the high…

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Blog The Home Boardroom

The Home Boardroom & The Evolution of Our Remote Meeting Spaces

How many of us have upgraded our home theatres in the last year? With social distancing measures, lockdowns, and restrictions on movement keeping so many people at home, and with movie theaters temporarily closed, home renovations and home theatre upgrades have skyrocketed over the past 18 months. More people, it seems, are intent on creating…

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Blog Blog Post: Next Generation Collaboration Spaces for Online & Hybrid Meetings

Next Generation Collaboration Spaces for Online & Hybrid Meetings

These days, it seems like there is a ‘new normal’ every six months! Regardless of the current situation, the future of work is clearly here! This future promises us a new ‘digital revolution’ and is within our grasp: remote and hybrid workforce, flexibility, adaptability, efficiency – all within the digital environment. But before we get…

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Blog Blog Post: The Real Value of Interactive Whiteboards

The Real Value of Interactive Whiteboards

Does Anyone Really Use Interactive Whiteboards for Remote Meetings? In what seemed like an overnight shift, our new normal became virtual meetings, webinars, online classes, and digital conferences. As we continue to navigate this new normal, the idea of working from home has become more prevalent. With a mass majority of companies and schools transitioning…

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