AndersDX And Baanto International Announce Strategic Technology Partnership For Mid-Large Sized Touch Interface Solutions

Los Angeles, Calif., SID Display Week 2011 – May 18, 2011 – The Partnership brings together advanced display & embedded computing solutions with revolutionary Baanto ShadowSense optical 2D and 3D multi-touch technology.

andersDX, the market leader in the field of interface technologies and usability, and Baanto International, a leading independent manufacturer of touchscreen and position-sensing technologies, have used the SID Display Week event in Los Angeles, California to announce a strategic technology partnership.

The new European partnership supports andersDX’s commitment to optimizing user experience through device interfaces by combining their core display, embedded computing and GUI competencies and solutions with Baanto’s innovative ShadowSense multi-touch technology. Working together, the two companies will provide kiosk, gaming, PC, industrial, medical and other designs with high-performance, accurate, robust and low-cost multi-touch interfaces which utilize innovative next-generation GUI’s.

ShadowSense is a revolutionary new 2D and 3D optical tracking technology that is billed as a ‘potential game-changer for the rapidly growing medium to large size touch industry. Delivering responsive (less than 6ms) and highly accurate multi-touch and gesture recognition, at costs typically associated with single-touch solutions, ShadowSense currently supports up to four simultaneous inputs, provides touch detection of small objects, whilst being able to recognize accidental touches and unlike other technologies such as PCAP, Shadowsense™ supports any input type including finger, glove, stylus etc.

ShadowSense is a perimeter-based optical touch technology in which the touch sensor LEDs are integrated into a bezel. These LEDs are independent of the glass surface, allowing any glass to be used to provide a protective window and ensuring very high levels of light transmission. Using ShadowSense OEMs and integrators can build brighter touch displays that provide vandal-resistant operation and immunity to casual scratches and debris on the screen. Bezel heights can be as low as 1.5mm, while IP65 sealing provides protection against dust and moisture intrusion.

andersDX CEO Rob Anders says: “Product success comes from applying cutting edge technology to enable rich and usable interface experiences. Baanto’s Shadowsense is a game-changer in the rapidly growing touch market, both technically and commercially and we are excited to implement it across a wide portfolio of vertical market applications across Europe.”

Joe Kotas, CEO of Baanto International, adds: “Not only is Anders an extremely experienced and respected User Interface specialist with a significant channel, but their focus on enabling usable, next-generation product experiences makes them a perfect strategic fit with the capabilities of ShadowSense™ optical touch technology.”

The first product to result from the partnership between andersDX and Baanto will be a 19” open frame multi-touch, industrial chassis monitor, with all-in-one multitouch PC’s to follow, leveraging the award-winning, ultra-compact, ultra-low-power FitPC boxed computers.

At SID Display Week the companies will be demonstrating multi-touch applications using Shadowsense™, driven by FitPC.

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