Baanto releases Large Format Multi-touch Touchscreens

Baanto™ releases the full family of large format multi-touch touchscreens targeted at the  Digital out of Home (DOOH) and Interactive Digital Signage applications.

Toronto, Canada, July 24th, 2013 – Baanto International Ltd., a leading independent manufacturer of touchscreen technologies today announced the full production release of large-format ShadowSense based products targeting the Interactive Digital Signage and DOOH  markets.

Available immediately, the ShadowSense products now support 32”, 42”, 46”, 55”, 65”, 70”, and 85” panels.   All of the products are designed to support the standard TFT LCD sizes currently available in the market currently being used in commercial applications.  Reacting to market demand, the 32”, 55”, 65”, 72”, and 85” touch frames all support the Windows 8® “zero pixel” border area, allowing users to implement Windows 8 multi-touch applications, either now or in the future, without having to replace or retrofit displays deployed at customer locations.

Cost-effective and featuring advanced ShadowSense Performance Features, all of the large format touchscreens feature:

  • Plug and Play with Windows 7®, Windows 8®, Linux®, Mac OS®, and Android™ operating systems
    • No drivers or touch applications complicating the system integration and slowing down the host CPU
  • Real-time tracking of up to six touch points
  • Real-time touch point size calculation
    • Developers can create new and innovative use models as well as implement palm and spurious touch rejection
  • Responds to almost every solid touch object
    • Eliminates the need for bare finger touching, especially important in a public venue
  • Provides best-in-class ambient light immunity of up to 10,000 footcandles
    • Eliminates erratic touch behaviour caused by bright lights or filtered sunlight

“Windows 8 appears to be an enabling technology for sophisticated signage and display applications”, stated Av Utukuri, Baanto CTO.  “Baanto large format products using ShadowSense technology implement the zero pixel border and are compatible with the use of Windows 8 edge swipes.   Beyond Windows 8, these products also support Windows 7, Mac OS, Linux, and Android operating systems.  In all of these operating systems, Baanto continues to offer one of the few large format multi-touch products that don’t require drivers or touch detection applications running on the host CPU.  This allows the use of thin clients, media servers, and low power CPU’s without compromising the application performance.”

“The cost of deploying DOOH products is typically larger than the cost of the display itself”, Joe Kotas, Baanto President, noted: “The implementation of the Windows 8 border on our newest products is required for the applications that already take advantage of Windows 8 features, but equally important, it provides a seamless upgrade path to customers that may want to migrate to Windows 8 based applications in the future.”

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About Baanto ShadowSense

Baanto International Ltd. is a leading developer of innovative, high-performance, and cost-effective touch sensing solutions.  Baanto is developing products incorporating both active and passive implementations of its technologies for touchscreens and interactive whiteboards in sizes ranging from 8” to over 267”. Baanto has a direct and partner presence in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia, enabling it to provide its customers with proven technical and sales support worldwide.

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