Baanto Announces ShadowSense Slim Product Family

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada; (date) Baanto is pleased to announce the launch of a comprehensive line-up of products designed specifically for mid-sized touch display markets. This family incorporates our patented ShadowSense sensor technology using our thinnest bezel yet, starting at 3.2mm, and without compromising on any of the unique performance characteristics that the technology is known for.

We see a growing need for high-performance touch technology in a range of diverse markets ranging from ruggedized embedded systems, POI kiosks for outdoor ticketing systems used in transportation and touch interface systems for medical and military markets. These markets require technology that is calibration-free, and operates 24/7 with very high reliability regardless of the harshness of the operating environment. The ability to withstand high EMI fields without degradation in performance, operate flawlessly regardless of ambient light conditions, reject false touches due to water and other environmental conditions and the ability to operate even when multiple LEDs or sensors fail are all key characteristics that ShadowSense technology provides inherently.

Baanto provides off-the-shelf ShadowSense Slim sensors, already bonded to the glass, in 15”, 23.8”, 27” and 31.5” sizes that can comply with these stringent requirements while providing unique features that make ShadowSense “best in class” for high-reliability applications. This new product family can easily be integrated into any existing LCD or OLED chassis, with minimal engineering resources.

“This new family provides our integration partners with a true performance differentiation vs PCAP and other IR solutions in this market”, said Av Utukuri, CEO, and founder of Baanto. “Everything from object detection, pen on paper-like writing experience and full configurability with ShadowSense dashboard, combined together with the thinnest IR bezel on the market, means customers do not have to compromise on form, fit or function.”

Colin Doe, COO of Baanto, said “our new Slim Family represents a significant evolution of our ShadowSense technology that will continue to provide best-of-breed touch capabilities and significant differentiation for our global customers and partners in the touch market.”

About Baanto

Established in 2009, Baanto International Ltd., is based in Mississauga, Canada, and designs and manufactures ShadowSense, a unique optical positioning solution used in touchscreens.  ShadowSense is globally known for its unrivalled responsiveness, robustness, and ability to detect object size and shape.

Baanto ShadowSense has been granted 27 patents and has over 76 filed, covering 9 different patent families. Through various partner and integrator relationships, Baanto maintains a global presence and provides both custom and off-the-shelf touch solutions to a broad range of industries.

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