Baanto Becomes Part of the Story with eTalk Partnership

Baanto International hit the airwaves to promote its touch-screen technology. The Toronto-based company debuted a massive interactive digital wall for CTV’s eTalk, which showcased Baanto’s ShadowSense™ technology on broadcasts during the Toronto International Film Festival.

The “eTalk Star Screen powered by Baanto” interactive video wall allowed eTalk anchors Ben Mulroney and Tanya Kim to flip from celebrity sightings, to on-location feeds, to showcase social media chatter, with the touch of a finger. The product was mentioned during the show and Baanto appeared in the closing acknowledgements.

“Marketing is all about telling the story and there’s nothing better than having somebody else tell the story for you,” said Anthony Gussin, director of marketing at Baanto International. “If it’s done through a PR campaign, especially [of this] sort, you’re making the product become part of the story. In doing that, people see third parties using the product successfully and that speaks for itself.”

Baanto’s target audience is B2B companies, not the end consumer (or eTalk viewers for that matter). But the idea was to show other entertainment broadcast properties how the technology can work.

ETalk will become Baanto’s calling card so to speak,” said Laura Cochrane, president of LexPR Canada, which developed the program. “They will use clips and use the story as an example to showcase the Baanto technology to other global markets and to other global broadcasters.”

The eTalk footage will also be used to generate social media buzz, added Cochrane.

LexPR and Baanto are currently working on other B2B seeding initiatives, including one with a “major Canadian healthcare brand that will see the technology used in a cutting-edge way in a medical environment,” said Cochrane, as well as another television broadcast.

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