Baanto Experiences Infocomm 2022

Welcome to infocomm digital signage at 2022 show in Las Vegas

After what seemed far too long, Baanto ShadowSense returned to Infocomm 2022 at the Las Vegas Convention Centre. Going back to some level of normalcy, it was no surprise that exhibitors were ready to show attendees what they had been up to and share with them the latest of their products, innovations and well, for some, their custom cocktails at Happy Hour! According to Digital Signage Today, the Las Vegas Convention Centre had not seen this much activity since 2018!

From interactive hybrid solutions to direct view LED panels, you name it, we saw it. You might be asking, “what’s the hot topic in the industry these days?” Let’s get into it.

Hybrid Meetings & Classroom Solutions

What became our norm during the past 2 years without a doubt is the increase in online meetings, virtual classrooms and the like. The caveat with that is what has been recognized as zoom fatigue. As a result of this, companies have had the task of figuring out a solution that can make these virtual collaborations/meetings/classes more interactive.

Vizetto’s Reactiv SUITE solution provides a unique twist on these virtual endeavours. In their own words “Remote Meetings Suck” and their mission is to help make the not suck. Standing side by side with their partners FunTech Innovation and Lenovo OEM, Vizetto exhibited their solution to the everyday virtual meeting using ShadowSense powered Interactive White Boards.

Reactiv SUITE was developed using the principles of neuroscience and cognitive learning models to improve how we interact. With Reactiv SUITE, you can transform any hybrid/remote meeting to make your audiences feel more connected, pay more attention, and retain more information. Booth attendees were shown various setups that emphasize the use of their software ranging from the boardroom to the classroom and even an at-home solution.

Multimedia / e-Podiums

Attendees from the education sector were out in their numbers and there was no shortage of interest in creating a more interactive solution for their students, lecture rooms and hybrid learning environments.

Multimedia Podiums are also known as e lecterns, digital podiums or digital lecture stands. Baanto’s smart e-Podium, built with our new ShadowSense Slim product, with interactive pen display lets instructors and professionals present while writing notes or illustrations and documents with a stylus pen on a touch screen. The output of the podium is connected via a media serving device, which in turn, can present the podium information to up to three large audience displays, or even directly to student tablets or laptops using Wi-Fi.

Baanto appealed to attendees with their own version of the e-Podium. Using their very own ShadowSense Slim, a presenter riser/projector and a FunTech AI enabled 360-degree conference camera, they were able to recreate the environment of a classroom/lecture hall. Using Vizetto’s Reactiv SUITE software, attendees were shown just how easy it is to cast their screen to the projector to cater to their in-person audience, but also how using the Reactive SUITE would keep their online audience engaged as well.

I, Robot anyone?

While sitting at a restaurant waiting for a meal, I was engulfed in the swift aroma of someone else’s breakfast passing by. Right at nose level, my attention was first captured by the aroma, then by the mini robot waiter/waitress delivering the meals at the neighbouring table.

By no surprise, the likes of this robot was seen at Infocomm. Introducing CLOi ServeBot, a swift and reliable servicing specialist, smart robot solution with accurate tracking, safe movement, and professional serving made by LG.

Providing customers with “Top Shelf Service” LG states that the CLOi ServeBot enables employees to focus on customer care and guest experience. Using autonomous driving and smart moving capabilities, CLOi ServeBot can safely and quickly deliver meals to guests, while employees handle orders and other tasks. Now that’s efficiency.

Camera Solutions

With the need to make remote meetings more interactive and somewhat more personal/lifelike, gone are the days where the standard web camera would suffice. Introducing the 360-Degree all-in-one conference camera, or as FunTech Innovation calls it, the “INNEX cube” an AI 360° 4K Conference Cam.

Taiwan based FunTech Innovation, designs innovative and AI-powered collaboration solutions that revolutionize remote communication and create the most true-to-life experience in a virtual environment. According to their website, the INNEX Cube uniquely sits in the middle of the table and captures faces vividly in proximity. The cube improves meeting equity and includes everyone in the conversation with dedicated close-up shots for everyone in the room, increasing interpersonal interaction, and delivering the most vivid and inclusive video for remote participants.

But they didn’t stop there FunTech has in total 4 camera solutions to meet the demand of the virtual life of meetings and get-togethers.

Direct View LED Video Walls / Displays

There was definitely no shortage of video walls being exhibited at Infocomm this year, but the main focus was Direct View LED video walls. dvLED displays eliminate the LCD panel and use a surface array of LEDs as the actual display pixels. These displays feature incredible contrast ratios, vibrant colours, and brightness levels several times that of LCD displays. dvLED screens can be small displays or a component of larger displays. These are ideally used for outdoor purposes, mainly in-store signs and billboards. A dvLED display consists of red, green and blue LEDs mounted in a fixed pattern. These three colours combine to form a pixel. By adjusting the intensity of the diodes, billions of colours can be formed. When you look at the LED screen from a certain distance, the array of coloured pixels is seen as an image. Depending on the content and brightness settings, direct view LEDs can be up to 75% more energy-efficient than LCD panels. Combine this with Baanto’s ShadowSense Modular Touch interface, and viola, a dvLED Interactive Touch Wall.

Peerless-AV showcased their SEAMLESS dvLED video wall solution at the Westin Bear Resort. According to the Show Daily, Peerless-AV’s SEAMLESS dvLED wall solution is said to have:

  • Precisions engineering and design from the collaboration of experienced engineers and staff in a think-tank style environment
  • Custom project managers as a single point of contact that oversees every step of a project, ensuring an ideal solution and timely delivery
  • Full installation services including maintenance, troubleshooting and post-installation services
  • Dedicated dvLED solutions that are ideal in a variety of markets and environments that are available as Kitted or Bespoke options

LG on the other hand exhibited their 136” all-in-one dvLED display. According to their website, the All-in-one LED Screen is an ideal display for building hassle-free and smart meeting room environments. Meetings are virtually more convenient with simple setup, front serviceability, high-performance SoC with webOS™, and display mobility.

Baanto and Vizetto's Av Utukuri plus partners of Lenovo OEM and FunTech Innovation at infocomm 2022

Infocomm 2023

There was so much innovation to see in the 3 days that companies from far and wide came to exhibit at Infocomm 2022. With so much to see, and so little time, we look forward to seeing everyone on the trade show floor in Florida at next year’s Infocomm 2023

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